Hearts refuse to hit the panic button despite Robbie Nielsen’s first defeat of the season against Dunfermline

Hearts refuse to hit the panic button despite Robbie Nielsen's first defeat of the season against Dunfermline

Hearts manager Robbie Nielsen says he will not hit the panic button after his side’s first defeat of the season.

Dunfermline picked up the championship with a 2-1 win, as Nielsen’s former assistant Stevie Crawford disappointed Jambos before taking the chance to advance to the league summit.

For Pars, Dom Thomas and Yuan Murray were on target, with Stephen Kingsley scoring a goal with six minutes left before the visitors survived a late attack.

It is an early hole in Harts ’hopes of returning to the Scottish Premiership but his manager did not make a fuss and did not indicate that the club would be fighting on many fronts with the Scottish Cup final against Celtic next month.

Nielsen said: “You’re going to lose a football match. The biggest thing for us is that they are not panic centers. We are still in a good position in the league and we have got the Scottish Cup final.

“We’ve got Batfred to look forward to, we’ve got a really good team, we’ve had a lot of good chances tonight, but they haven’t taken it.

“Dunfermline will be like us; We will win games and lose games, this is how this season will be. He’s the one who’s got the consistency to keep winning games.

“Dunfermline will lose games too and the big thing is how you react. Do we throw away toys and say we need to do this and we need to do that?

“Or we look at the game and say we’ve created opportunities, we haven’t taken them and we’ve lost two weak goals. It’s a part of football. “

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Winner Gaffer Stevie Crawford is also refusing to move forward, despite matching the title favorites in every way, his defense against a powerful jumbo attack has stood the test of time.

He said: “The players showed respect but faith in themselves and that is important to me. They are on the good side and a very strong team so they will be a marker for us in terms of where they are in marketing.

“Hearts is still a favorite for the league and it is not taking anything away from us.

“Championships can be very, very unforgettable leagues and in a few more games you can find yourself at the other end of the table.

“We’ll have fun over the weekend but Hearts is a strong side and will be there at the very end of the season.”


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