Heavy Flood: Serious Train Accident in Scotland

Heavy Flood: Serious Train Accident in Scotland

A train derailed in north east Scotland. At least three people were killed and six were injured. Prime Minister Sturgeon spoke of an “extremely serious incident”.

A train accident in Scotland killed at least three people, including a train driver. The British Traffic Police said six other people were taken to the hospital with injuries after the passenger train derailed about 160 kilometers northeast of Edinburgh.

The accident is said to have caused landslides caused by heavy rains, the PA news agency reported. The train was operated by only a dozen people and was going from Aberdeen to Glasgow.

The accident scene is difficult for rescuers

According to the PA, the locomotive fell under an embankment in one of its four wagons. Very deep smoke arose at the site of the accident. According to the BBC broadcaster, around 30 ambulances and at least one rescue helicopter were in use.

“It is an incredibly rural area. We have farms, we have a lot of forest, and this makes it very difficult for rescuers to reach,” said Andrew Bowie, a member of the Scottish constituency’s House of Commons.

Heavy rain and flood

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke of a very serious incident. Transport Minister Grant Shapps said his thoughts were with the affected and their families.

Several disruptions were caused by heavy rain and thunderstorms in the area south of the Scottish oil and port city of Aberdeen since last evening. The region has been particularly hardened by the recent storms in Scotland.

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