Heidi One and Tian Wayne had a “filming fight” on a flight from Dubai to London.

Heidi One and Tian Wayne had a

Heidi Forest And Tian Van was involved in a morning collision on a plane in Dubai.

The video, posted on Twitter, shows the two rappers, both wearing face masks, being grabbed by other passengers and screaming at each other.

One of those who tried to intervene is believed to be British rapper Morrison – who appears to be wearing a blue shirt to the left of the shot.

It was later claimed that both men were arrested in connection with the incident, but Wayne has denied the claims.

“No one has been arrested, stop listening to lies,” he wrote on Instagram.

The cause of the collision is unclear, but representatives from both Wayne and Heidi One have been contacted by the NME for comment.

It’s been a month since Heidi One released her chart-topping debut album ‘Edna’ in her last mother’s name.

In a four-star review, NME wrote: “Hadi One is the type of MC who can compare himself with Filipino boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao for a minute, and slip on ‘R Me’ with another woman on ‘U Me’.” Edna’s is proof that he is a scattered, global ‘drill king’ and much more. “

Wayne, meanwhile, made the top 10 hits with ‘I Dunno’ alongside Duchevelli and Stormzi.

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