Helpful weather; Mass Reagan warns of ‘mass casualties’: NPR

  Helpful weather;  Mass Reagan warns of 'mass casualties': NPR

Big Sur, California on Friday. Firefighters monitor controlled burns on the Nasimiento-Ferguson road to contain the nearby Dolan fire.

Nick our / AP


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Nick our / AP

Big Sur, California on Friday. Firefighters monitor controlled burns on the Nasimiento-Ferguson road to contain the nearby Dolan fire.

Nick our / AP

Fire crews battling Blaze in the western United States are hoping for a change in optimistic conditions, including humidity and cold temperatures, which will help in efforts to contain them.

According to some states, about 29,000 workers are working to contain the large 97 large fires that have burned some 7.7 million acres. National Intelligence Fire Center. About 40 of those fires have led to evacuation orders in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Idaho and Utah.

The White House said Saturday that President Trump will visit McLellan Park, California, on Monday, to be briefed on the fire by local and federal officials.

At least 25 people have been killed in the fires since mid-August, although authorities are concerned that there is no account for them. In Reg Reagan, an official with the state’s emergency management department is warning of a “mass casualty incident.”

Democratic governors in California and Washington are talking about climate change, as record fires sweep parts of their states.

Meanwhile, law enforcement and public officials are arguing with at least some online conspiracy theorists about the origins of the blaze.

A man stopped his bike on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland on Saturday as the Tilicom Crossing Bridge was partially obscured by smoke from a forest fire.

John Lofer / AP


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John Lofer / AP

A man stopped his bike on the banks of the Willamette River in Portland on Saturday as the Tilicom Crossing Bridge was partially obscured by smoke from a forest fire.

John Lofer / AP

There is hope for a “mass casualty” and a break in conditions

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Rewandrew Phelps, director of Reagan’s Office of Emergency Management, warned of a “mass casualty” as more than 10 million acres of land caught fire.

Half a million Oregonians Some kind of evacuation is under notice while about 40,000 people have fled.

At least Six people have been killed As a result of wildfires in Oregon. Dozens more are missing, Governor Kate Brown said during the virtual News conference on Friday.

Fire officials in Oregon are expressing optimism that a change in the situation will enable progress by 3,000 fire personnel in the state.

“Cool temperatures, along with humidity in the air, helped put firefighters in a position to protect us from fire safety,” Fire Protection Doug Graff said during a Forest Department press conference.

Graff said conditions pressure is expected over the weekend.

“This is a firefighting positive atmosphere for three days. With more favorable conditions it will continue next week.”

Changing weather conditions are also expected to improve air quality, which Brown noted is “the worst in the world” due to the fire.

On Friday, this National Weather Service in Portland Mod tweeted that air quality in both Reagan and Washington Washington is expected to improve with “gentle westerly winds” from the sea.

California, Oregon and Washington were affected by the fires.

In California, Cal Cal Fire Improved weather conditions have helped some weak efforts, though other parts of the state have not been much relieved by the burning weather conditions.

“Weather conditions have improved compared to last week, with warm and dry conditions prevailing in most parts of the state, although coastal flow early next week will help raise humidity levels,” Kale Fire said in its daily firefighting update.

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But the agency also warned that “critical fire weather” could return soon.

“A red flag condition is in effect in the far northern part of California on Sunday, causing gusty winds and low humidity in the Modok National Forest and Tulelek Basin,” the agency said.

Governors talk about climate change

Gavin News of California Government surveyed the damage caused by the state’s northern complex fire Ro Roville State Recreation Area On friday.

The Northern Complex fire has burned more than 252,000 acres in three northern counties in the state. Statewide, Cal Fire says, 28 major wildfires have devastated 3.2 million acres of land. At least 19 people have been killed since August 15,000, with more than 4,000 buildings destroyed.

Capital Public Radio Notes that 6 of the state’s 20 largest fires have burned this year August Gust Complex Fire In Mendocino and Humboldt counties. That fire, the second largest in the state’s record history, has already consumed more than 6,846,000 acres.

During his visit on Friday, News pledged to step up efforts to combat climate change. News called the fire a “weather hazard crisis.”

“The discussion around climate change is over. Come to the state of California. Observe it with your own eyes,” Newsme said.

Washington Government. Jay Insley called himself to take action on the climate. Noting that, by Friday, More than 626,000 acres were burned to the ground In his state, Insley labeled this season’s blaze as “climate fire.”

“Right now, we have a state that is just a Tinderbox. And that’s because of low humidity, high temperatures and clear winds, and these are the conditions that are happening often in our state,” Insley said. , The worst fire in the history of our state in the last five years.

Also on Friday, Newsme signed the bill Allow inmate firefighters To delete their records.

Officers narrate the war conspiracy theory

In an effort to contain the blaze, officials in the Pacific Northwest have been fighting the spread of false information.

Posts on Facebook and other social media sites are spreading rumors of looting and blaming left-wing activists for starting the blaze.

In Reg Reagan, where right-wing and left-wing activists clashed in Portland, conspiracy theorists have blamed antifa – anti-fascist opponents – with initial fire.

Reg Reagan public broadcast There are reports that in rural parts of the state, vigilante groups have planned to threaten the rumors. A reporter at the station was recently stopped by such a group in Klkkmas Mass County and told to walk away.

Law enforcement agencies are working to dispel the rumors.

In Douglas County, the sheriff’s office fee raised rumors that he had arrested several Antif members, calling the expression of misinformation a drain on resources.

“Rumors have spread like wildfire and now our 9-1-1 dispatch and professional staff are being overwhelmed with requests for information and inquiries that 6 Antifa members have been arrested on suspicion of arson in Douglas County, Oregon,” Sheriff’s Office Posted on her Facebook Page this week.

Similar rumors spread in Jackson County, where authorities began investigating the Almeida fire.

Ashland’s police chief, Tighe O’Mira, said: “In no way does he refer to any political group, including anyone associated with the Antifa. Is fake. “

This FBI field office fees in Portland Says he has investigated whether such rumors seem untrue to him.

“Conspiracy theories and misinformation take away valuable resources [from] “Local fire and police agencies are working around the clock to contain the blaze,” the field office said in a statement on Friday.

Ryan Haas and Conrad Wilson of Reagan Public Broadcasting contribute to this report.


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