Here’s an ad to be the keeper of a remote island in Scotland

Here's an ad to be the keeper of a remote island in Scotland

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The owners of an island in Scotland set out in search of a guardian who was willing to look after this isolated place in rather harsh conditions: no water, no electricity, and no residents. And this call for applications was a huge success!

Martin Island, located in the north of Scotland, occupies 161 hectares of land, on which no one lives full time. There is no running water, no electricity, and the tourists who come to occupy the 3 available houses are surely looking for complete peace or a good way to cure. digital detox.

The island has a small museum, two beautiful beaches, ruins of stone buildings and offers the greatest peace, the opportunity to see the local flora and fauna. In the past, before becoming a bird sanctuary, it had a monastery, a flour mill and a herring salting station. What attracts the curious to join martin island Only 5 minutes by boat from the mainland.

To welcome them, the island is looking for a semi-volunteer caretaker who can clean homes and public toilets, guide visitors and ensure they follow the safety standards in place. The work paid up to 175 euros per week for about 3 hours of daily labor, providing accommodation and enjoying the wonders of the place. The successful candidate will become the first full-time resident on the island for 30 years!

One might think that such an offering does not attract crowds due to the lack of comfort and isolation that some may not be able to tolerate. And yet, the number of candidates willing to assume the role of protector of the island was enormous. The association which circulated the offer was overwhelmed with applications and forced to publish a message asking it to stop sending it several days before the last date started for this recruitment drive (1st June 2021) fell.

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Perhaps the lucky one – who would have received his positive answer – will find it difficult to leave this little corner of heaven and just like Italian Robinson Crusoe, Would he like to live on his island for many more decades? If hermit life appeals to him, then surely the island of Martin has enough charm to entice the nature lover and keep him occupied for a long time.


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