Hertfordshire Tier 3: When will the new Tier 3 rules come into force?

Hertfordshire Tier 3: When will the new Tier 3 rules come into force?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced today (December 14) that four Hertfordshire boroughs, along with parts of London and Essex, will be moved to Tier 3.

Brooksburn, Hertzmeier, Three Rivers and Watford are all areas of the county that should face Tier 3 – a very high warning level.

The sanctions will take effect on Wednesday (December 16) at 12.01am.

That means, residents of those four local authorities will wake up for a strict ban.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • You can only reach indoors or in private outdoor spaces, such as in someone’s garden, with people in your home, or with a support bubble

  • You can meet with others in public outdoor places, such as beaches or parks, but only in groups of up to 6 people

  • You should maintain social distance from anyone in your home or not in the support bubble

  • Travel should be minimal, but you can still travel to shops, workshops and hospitality places that are open. You should still cover the face

  • You are advised against traveling to your area (although exceptions apply, for example work, education or care responsibilities)

  • You cannot stay overnight somewhere outside of the local area unless required for work, education or so. This should only be with people in your home or support bubble

  • Accommodation in these areas will be closed except for specific reasons

  • You should work from home wherever possible. Where this is not possible, workplaces should be protected from coronavirus

  • All shops can remain open

  • Hospitality locations are closed, but may remain open for takeovers, drive-throughs and delivery services.

  • Businesses like hair, beauty and nail salons can be open

  • Gym, pool and leisure facilities may open

  • Outdoor settings allow organized sports and licensed physical activity, but risky contact activity should be avoided

  • Indoor exercise and sports should not be taken unless it is with your home or support bubble

  • You may not participate in sporting events, such as football matches, only driving to events will be allowed

  • Places of worship may be open until the people in the house or outside the house merge, but it is best to check with your place of worship. There are exceptions to weddings and funerals

  • Up to 15 people can attend a ceremony, but a wedding reception is not allowed

  • Up to 30 people can attend someone’s funeral and up to 15 people can attend someone’s wake-up call, ashes spread or other linked events. This cannot be kept in anyone’s home

  • Coronavirus rules vary from 23 December to 27 December. A ‘Christmas bubble’ can be formed with the other two houses in each house.

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