High tide. Orkney, the Scottish archipelago and tidal turbine paradise

  High tide.  Orkney, the Scottish archipelago and tidal turbine paradise

The Scottish archipelago is at the center of a major experiment to harness tidal power, produce green hydrogen and enough electricity to heat homes and schools, and power ferries and aircraft that make connections between the islands.

The sub-Arctic archipelago of Orkney, north of Scotland “The UK has embraced renewable energy like no other place”, report good sky News,

Its chain of islands of 990 km2, which is home to some 22,000 inhabitants, has more than 650 wind turbines and 400 solar installations, recalls the London News Channel. But what is attracting attention these days is his projects related to tidal turbines. In recent years, the archipelago has hosted 34 experimental tidal power devices, “or more machines than anywhere else in the world”, explains Washington Post,

The European Marine Energy Center (EMEC), which established its ships in 2003 to harness tidal energy, recorded wave heights reaching an average of 2 to 3 meters and even 19 meters in the Orkney Islands , the local organization Orkney ensures renewable energy. Forum.

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Its promoters now want “Channel this ocean’s energy into coastal electrolyzers that break down the water (good old H2O) into oxygen and green hydrogen, and use the gas bubbles produced to power … the whiskey distillery”. A process that will allowMaybe one day to heat homes and schools – and power commuting ferries and planes


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