Highland Games: Rothule becomes Scottish again – Sonneberg/Newhaus

Highland Games: Rothule becomes Scottish again - Sonneberg/Newhaus

Individual themes are just as unusual as team names. Some, as regular guests know, always are. Others are new. “It doesn’t have to be boring,” says Henri Boulgen. They have planned seven stations for the new competition. As usual, the fight will begin with a drink, in which the five team members receive 0.5 liters of beer and have to empty it one after the other. “Different and tough this time!” Henri promises Boulogne. When throwing a tree trunk, each of the two players has to throw the tree trunk twice so that it turns over at the top end. If that works, you get a point. A delicate matter is the egg toss, which involves five players, one thrower and four catchers. Ten raw eggs are thrown, which should be kept as intact as possible. But it’s not that easy and you have a few egg batches. While carrying water, the liquid is not carried only from A to B. “It will be very easy,” says the moderator and organizer and explains how to do it the right way: The warrior turns left around a trunk ten times and then begins traversing the slalom course with a bucket full of water. Does. A barrel to collect. Finally, the water level, which is reached within three minutes, is assessed. In the tree trunk course, the entire team shoulders the tree trunk, which must always rest on the shoulders of all five players during the run, and completes two rounds of a course. This can be difficult with a 180-degree turn through the starting arc, but the route is difficult in other respects as well. It may not seem all that difficult. “But it is, and it’s guaranteed to get a lot of laughs,” regular people know. Henri Boulgen will also be creating two new games, which he does not want to reveal yet. “You can be curious,” he says and invites all interested parties to a funny spectacle.

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