“Honored to Roberto Mancini”

Letter to Boris Johnson from Scotland out of respect for Roberto Mancini. Italy won the European Championship after defeating Southgate’s England on penalties. On Monday morning, Azzurri returned to Rome, where he was received by the President of the Republic. sergio matarella and by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, before continuing the celebrations on the streets of the capital. Big party in Italy, but also big party in Scotland.

The Scots had no doubts and, between England and Italy, they immediately decided to go with the Azurri. version of Brave With the face of Roberto Mancini, on the front page of the Saturday edition of The National Scotland, he went around the world. The newspaper asked the coach to save Scotland, saying “you are our last hope”.

Then Italy won and from Edinburgh to Glasgow, the Scottish squares were painted blue and tricolor. Citizens took to the streets with Italian flags celebrating the victory of our national team. But The National wanted to do more. The management of the newspaper is, in fact, excited not only for Azzurri’s victory, but also for Mancini’s comments on his front page of the press conference and the photos circulated on the web of the Italian coach with the cup. A copy of his newspaper. So he decided to give the national team a gift: Mancini and a lifetime membership to the team.

Letter from Scotland to Boris Johnson: “Honor awarded to Roberto Mancini”

The National also wanted to send a message to Boris Johnson out of respect for “Roberto the Bruce of Wembley”. The letter was then published on the newspaper’s social media profile: “Dear Prime Minister, we’re not sure if you were watching the game on Sunday night, or if you sat in front of the TV long enough for a small photo shoot, but England lost to Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Scotland, as you know, the sense of relief was immense.”

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Italy saved Scotland from tales of English pride: “We are spared another half-century of hearing the glory of 2021, as we have already suffered since 1966, when England were lucky to win the World Cup. We are sure you will agree that VAR and goal line techniques were a welcome addition to the game. While you may be upset that you haven’t been able to claim England’s victory as a straight Brexit success (since there’s nothing else to do), we’re equally sure you’ll be generous in defeat. ”

And finally the request: Therefore, we believe it would be appropriate for you as Prime Minister to award a new title to the coach of the Italian team, Roberto ‘The Bruce’ Mancini, for his services to Scotland.. We know you love giving your friends fake prizes, so we thought you might want to do the same for one of our nation’s most beloved football celebrities. Were we thinking of something like ‘Roberto the Bruce of Wembley’? It would also be appropriate to give Scottish independence to the winning Italian team.. Unfortunately, we cannot donate to the Conservative Party, but I hope you will kindly consider our request as well.”

An ironic letter and an original request, already shared by many Scots and beyond. The letter has arrived from Scotland to Boris Johnson and the Downing Street Press Office has told The National that they will have a response on the matter shortly.

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