How did Hibernian FC become the greenest club in Scotland?

How did Hibernian FC become the greenest club in Scotland?

In recent seasons, the Edinburgh club of the Hibernians has taken a heavy toll on environmental issues. So much so that it was recently named as the greenest club in Scotland! During an interview with, Greg McEwanThe Head of Marketing and Brand Partnership at Hibernian FC defines the core pillars on which the Scottish club’s environmental policy is based. interview by kareem ghariani.

What place do environmental issues have in the life of the Hibernian Football Club today? When did the club realize the importance of such subjects?

I arrived at the club in December 2019 on the heels of my boss Ronald Gordon, who took control of the Hibernians in July 2019. Very quickly we sought to define a clear strategy for the club, while reviewing the work already done. area of ​​environmental responsibility. Before our arrival, Hibernian Football Club was already considered the greenest club in Scotland! Several large-scale projects have already been taken up, such as the production of 100% renewable energy or various measures aimed at improving our waste management. In the UK, Hibernians are classified as 3. place is giventh Ranked in the area of ​​eco-responsibility, behind Forest Green Rovers and Manchester United according to a ranking done by PDE West Technologies in July 2019. It shows the importance of environmental issues in the life of the club!

In recent months, we have sought to strengthen our efforts by launching new cooperation, Exclusively with One Green Rovers FC Club, considered the world reference in this field. At the club, we know that climate change is not a new topic and we are always looking to improve our practice in this area. The Hibernian Club is based in Edinburgh in the district of Leith, one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. But we don’t just try to act in an environmentally friendly way for our communities. We are citizens of Leith but also of the world and it is our duty to act responsibly. That is why we have joined the UN initiative, Games for Climate Action, And we are currently studying other projects to give more scope to our work.

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Now, 38% of our spectators use transportation other than cars to get to the stadium. In the future, we would like to increase this rate, especially with the support of local authorities. One of the priorities of our municipality is to develop the tram network. We are also doing educational work with our supporters to encourage them to use eco-friendly means of transportation to reach the stadium to reduce CO2 emissions. Also, we are undertaking other projects in the area of ​​water management, installation of solar panels and development of charging points for electric vehicles. In addition, we are considering new redevelopment projects for our training centre. For example, we are exploring the possibility of developing our own products for our stadium catering offering to become self-sustaining.

Can we now say that protecting the environment is part of the club’s culture?

Absolutely. It is also written in our DNA. To understand our philosophy you have to immerse yourself in the history of the club. The Hibernian Football Club was formed by Irish immigrants who settled in Edinburgh in the late 19th century. Major social issues have always been central to the life of the club. From its origins, the club has always raised the issue of major social issues.

“38% of our spectators use other means of transportation than cars to get to the stadium”

In Scotland, as in many European countries, the football club is the focal point of so much emancipation. Fans free themselves from the stress of everyday life by going to the stadium to please the club of their hearts. We owe it to ourselves to nurture this passion, making our stadium a great place to live. We are working with many local actors to make this mission successful.

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Do you aspire to become the greenest club in the UK in the short term?

How did Hibernian FC become the greenest club in Scotland?


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