How First-Timers Can Enjoy A Trip To The Grand National

Curious about visiting the Grand National? Take it from us when we say you won’t be disappointed. Not for nothing do first-time visitors make a habit of returning to the races year after year. On this page, you’ll find some helpful tips that’ll allow you to get the most from your trip, including choosing the right day to attend, reading up on tips from the experts beforehand, and enjoying the non-racing, social side of the festival.

Which Day Should You Attend?

The Grand National takes place over three days. Each day has its merits, but the right one for you will depend on what you’re looking for. Thursday is the quietest of the three and is best for people who want to experience excellent horse racing without the big crowds of people. Friday is “Ladies Day,” the most social of the three (despite the name, it’s equally suitable for both men and women). Saturday is the main day and features the main event, the Grand National Steeplechase. This is the day most people attend.

Learn About Horse Racing And Horses

You can attend the Grand National races without any prior understanding of horse racing and still have a great time. But the more you know, the more you’ll enjoy it. In the days running up to the event, read up on general horse racing topics, such as ground conditions and the difference between national hunt and flat racing (the Grand National is a national hunt race). Also be sure to look up more specific information on which which horses, jockeys, and trainers are expected to do well. You’ll find that you’re able to pick winners much better if you’re able to draw upon tangible knowledge rather than resorting to choosing a horse based upon arbitrary reasons.

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Before and After The Races

Whatever day you decide to visit, you’ll want to make the most of the period before and after the races. On the morning of the race, be sure to have a big breakfast; there are plenty of high-quality breakfast restaurants in Liverpool that’ll ensure that you and your gang are well fed. Once the races are over, head into the city centre. The Grand National weekend is one of the liveliest of the year, and the atmosphere is similar to when Liverpool won the Premier League. Make a reservation at a top-end restaurant and get ready to dance the night away with fellow racegoers in the city’s many bars, pubs, and nightclubs.


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