How to get the most of out your college football bets

The rules regarding betting in the United States are changing with the White House moving the power to legalise gambling to each region, allowing them to decide on the best way forward. Las Vegas is no longer the only area where you can get the NCAAF Vegas odds. There’s no need to leave the comfort of your own home and jet into Sin City. Sporting betting can now be enjoyed on a desktop computer or smartphone device. That has led to a sharp increase in the number of people betting on sports like football and basketball.

As the number of bettors has grown so too has the college football betting coverage. Almost all games are covered in the betting with an increasing number of markets available. There are now dozens of ways you can wager on your favourite teams and players. The leading betting apps are vying for your attention and this puts you in a great position. As an online gambler, you are surrounded by choice and bombarded by offers including free bets.

In the past, football fans may have been satisfied just to bet on the games but all that has changed. You now have the option to shop around and seek out the best deal for you. In this article, we explain how to get the most out of your college football bets, from getting the best offer and odds to knowing which teams to bet on.

Get the most generous bonus

The leading betting apps offer new customers a welcome bonus and existing members of a long list of promotions. To get the best possible betting experience you must gamble with a site that gives you the VIP treatment from your very first visit. You want a welcome bonus that lets you know the bookie values you as a customer and shares your passion for college football gambling. Don’t grab the first deal offered to you. Shop around and look for a bonus that will increase your chances of getting off to a profitable start.

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It’s also advised that you read the terms and conditions attached to each promotion before signing up. There you’ll find details of what you must do to create an account and what is expected of you as a new customer. There will also be information on the process behind withdrawing any profits made using the free bet. If you are made to jump through hoops just to get your hands on what has been promised to you it’s best to look elsewhere.

Secure the best odds on every bet

Every bet you place should be at the best possible odds. Most bookies offer odds that don’t seem a distance away from the competition and to the untrained eye, there may not be a lot in it. Is it really worth doing all the homework to find a bookie offering a slightly better price when it results in a tiny difference to your profits when backing a winner. It may seem like too much hassle but not getting the best odds on every bet is giving cash back to the bookie and they have enough as it is.

Those small margins soon add up and by the end of the season, it could prove to be the difference between profit and loss. Check any respected betting odds comparison site for information on all the odds offered on your chosen bet. The biggest offer will be in bold, and that’s the bookie you should bet with. Another trick comes into play here. The more bookies you open an account with, the more welcome bonuses you’ll receive and the more chance of you having access to the best odds on your bets.

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Follow a proven tipster

How do you beat the bookies on college football? That’s a question often asked, but, unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to make a profit regardless of the sport you are betting on. You can do things to increase your chances of making a profit, and one of them is to follow a proven football tipster.

There are many tipsters out there claiming to be the best in the business, so it’s important you do your research. Look at past tips and how they have performed, check the profit and loss over a season and read reviews: the more information, the better.


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