Hundreds of customers rejected by the pub

Hundreds of customers rejected by the pub

Also in Scotland, as in Italy, a controversial pass has been introduced, making it mandatory to enter nightclubs. The measure was adopted by the government in an effort to increase vaccination and limit infections and is facing many difficulties. Hundreds of customers refused, many even attacked control staff.

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The introduction of the Green Pass is proving to be a controversial measure not only in Italy: even in Scotland, in fact, the measure adopted by the government in an effort to increase vaccinations and limit infections is facing many difficulties. Used to be. Certification was made mandatory from 1 October, but for the first three weekends of the month citizens were given the opportunity to comply and no checks were conducted. So what passed was the first weekend in which the Green Pass application became one hundred percent effective and needless to say, there was no shortage of problems, especially in nightclubs.

According to Scottish Hospitality Group, a trade association of nightclub operatorsThe introduction of Vaccine Passport was an “absolute disaster”: more than 550 people were sent back to the entrance of pubs and discos, and there was no shortage of attacks on control staff. Many nightclubs have complained of a 40% drop in customers and massive financial losses. “We had warned the government that their Vaccine Passport project would fail, but they preferred to proceed without offering any viable options for businesses. Experience this weekend shows that the result was disastrous: we found unbearable levels. misbehaving with our employees and creating an environment that would completely undermine anyone’s enjoyment in our nightclubs.”

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For its part, however, the Scottish government has claimed the measure’s legality, Defining it as proportionate and useful to avoid generalized shutdowns: “Covid-19 certification is a proportionate way to encourage people to get vaccinated and help organizers of large events and nightclub managers to continue working during that time.” helps which would be much more difficult than expected. Thanks to the pass, many companies would not have to close down and could continue to operate in greater safety”.


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