“I don’t want Wales or Scotland to pass” – Marseille News

The three home nations are in action at Euro 2020 and vying to reach the knockout stages of the tournament…

England got off to a great start by winning their first group game against Croatia before facing Scotland on Friday.


Raheem Sterling gives England a great start at Euro 2020

Tartan Senna suffered a loss to the Czech Republic this week and will need a result against the Three Lions.

Wales also have a lot to do after their draw with Switzerland and will probably have to win against Turkey on Wednesday.

Sports bar host Jason Kandi has his colors on the mast, however, giving his take on the fierce Home Nation debate started by Simon Jordan.

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The vocal expert said last week he “didn’t care” about Scotland or Wales during an argument with Jim White that shocked the proud Scotsman.

But it appears Kandi is on Mr Jordan’s side, saying he expects Wales and Scotland to withdraw from the tournament as soon as possible.


Scotland suffered a 2–0 loss to the Czech Republic in their first match.

Asked who he wants to win the Wales vs Turkey game – which is live on talkSPORT on Wednesday – Kandi said: “Turkey. Get rid of the Welsh. Out you go. Come home with the dragon’s tail between your legs.”

“I don’t want them to pass, or Scotland. Take them all out as far as I’m concerned.

“They want us out, so let’s kick them out!”

“I will not encourage [if Turkey score]. I’ll laugh I would be happy if it was a last minute winner, but not for 90 minutes.

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Simon Jordan insists he ‘doesn’t care’ about Scotland and Wales’ performance at Euro 2020 amid heated debate by local countries

Wales needed a goal from Kiefer Moor to draw Switzerland


Wales needed a goal from Kiefer Moor to draw Switzerland

“I don’t want the Welsh to spend more than they want. Would you?”

Co-host Andy Goldstein said: “I’m not really upset.”

Kandi said, “He did a great show of dog and duck last time…

“But let’s have it right, they want us to go and we want them to go!”

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