‘I feel Messi’s pain’ – Suarez opens up to Barcelona’s disappointing disappointment

'I feel Messi's pain' - Suarez opens up to Barcelona's disappointing disappointment

The Uruguayan star was forced to find a new club during the summer and admitted he deserved better treatment from his former side.

Luis Suarez has revealed that Lionel Messi was “equally saddened” by his departure from controversial Barcelona.

Messi avenged the decision to expel Suarez from the Camp Nou on the Catalan giants, who have since joined Atletico Madrid.

Messi posted on Instagram at the time, “You deserved to say goodbye to who you are: one of the most important players in the club’s history. Someone who has achieved great things on a team and individual level.”

“You didn’t deserve them to throw you out like they did. But the truth is, nothing at this stage should surprise me anymore.”

Suarez had expected his friend and former team-mate to speak in such a way and now he has admitted that he will reward similar sentiments on his departure from Barcelona.

“I was not surprised about Messi, because I know him so well, I knew the pain I was going through,” Suarez said after Uruguay’s 2-1 win over Chile on Thursday.

“He felt like they kicked me out of the club because of the forms. There were other ways to do things right with me. They were six years long and that also annoyed them. I see him as a friend and he knows we How badly endured.

“My family wanted to see me happy. There are some weird things in Barcelona like sending you for training separately because you are not considered for the game …

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“Things like this made me feel bad and my family saw me as impressed, so they encouraged me to take a chance. When Aletico came looking for me, I didn’t hesitate for a moment.

“Obviously I have to get used to different things, but I have a lot of fun at Atletico.”

The -33-year-old started a fairy tale next to Diego Simeone last month, as he scored twice and claimed help in his first appearance.

Simone was quick to praise Suarez after that match and made his work off the ball.

“His two goals didn’t last for me, but his help, his runs and his movements made him,” Simone said.

“The changes gave us a little extra with Marcos’ power, Vitolo’s quality, Thomas ’clarity [Partey] And Suarez knows what he has to do: play for the team. “


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