‘I rediscovered my love for crema in Scotland’

'I rediscovered my love for crema in Scotland'

“Crema is my home. Taste, smell, people are a part of me. Today I also miss the fog. but yet Philip holland Still feel home. Beyond computers, a study can be seen. Some background books create the perfect warmth. “Unsuitable for Scotland, it’s always cold here. The sun heats three or four days a year and seems to be providing heaven. For the rest, an icy wind always moves”. Of those who touch the skin And never leave it, “penetrate and make a distance”. Perhaps even for this reason, after the initial salutation, the English immediately give way to the Italian. “I haven’t talked about it for a few years, but always brush it off. The right time to do it. The cream is in my heart. This is my city and always will be“. The same is not true for Scotland: “No, this is not my home: it will be the atmosphere, the memories that bind me to Italy, the time that has passed and the one that has changed my country. Or it is a coincidence Maybe, but I am sad in the cold of these places. ”Philip, today, with his daughter Lorna She lives in DuretIn southern Scotland.

Frost that bothers

The breathtaking landscape photos are not meant to warm the heart. “It’s a good place, the first two weeks. Then frost extinguishes the excitement ”. Memories of the past fail to rectify the situation. “I am a classically trained violinist and Celtic harpist. I studied Royal Academy of Music de Londra“. Then, with her tradition under her arm, she came to Italy. “In Parma, first. Then in Crema. In Britain, the average culture is low. music, Especially at higher levels, Is divisive. In Italy, however, Unites hearts, People from all walks of life. There are people of all backgrounds in the theater who want fun and applause. Is indiscriminate. In Great Britain: not here It is a privilege of some people“. It approvedcio generates “a closed mind, Which reinforces the geographical isolation marked by the country from which the refuel takes place A superior i struggle to understand“. he is quiet. How is it called in Italian? The empire“. Combine the two languages ​​to reinforce the concept. “Many British people are trapped in the British Empire, in the desire for victory, in the desire to dominate. but Today we need unityAnže“. Not about Brexit: “It made me at least as sad as the epidemic. The future cannot be done alone: ​​it must be done together“.

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Living memories

“I think I’ll be back to Italy soon, some memories are very much alive”. They are asking him to go home. “I lived in Crema for 25 years, practically a lifetime”. Then he corrects himself: “Not in Crema, In Ripalta Vecchia. I remember the countryside, the road often turned towards the city because we didn’t have a car. However, difficulties were overcome because The atmosphere was welcoming“. Even with the fog. “The first few years I couldn’t accept it. I played for a dialect poet and one day I asked him: How do you love fog?“. It was the beginning of a feeling that never ended: “Today is a passion, A state of mind that tells itself“. Then there are “people, friends, walks in the center, Santa Lucia’s stall, Santa Maria’s fair”. It is all alive. “I put everything in black and white during the lockdown. One day I was getting bored, I took a pen and paper and started writing postcards myself. I transformed myself into the love of crema, The only cityFor my measure. I recognized myself in space, in silence, in a smile ”. Then I told my daughter Lorna about it and I found it We both miss this love“. Like a thread that binds them and that doesn’t seem to break: “After all we are cremashe“.

Adventure of oriana

From the pen, children’s stories were born. “I wanted to create the first audiobook for my brother’s children. I thought I would record a short story for him Day of merlaTo be able to listen before going to bed, so that his father can relax a little. “First attempt was appreciated.” So I shaped Fly. Rather, My wife. Orina lives in the countryside area, in Ripalata Vechia, she loves the smells of the place, she loves her animals: the name of a dog Casper And two cats, Balthazar and Melchior“. It is similar to Philippa. “Yes, yes, I’m Beefana”. He laughs and starts again: “I have written many short stories, now I am writing a fifth part, which will be devoted to magic. After Fly The bifana, Were born Oriana and broom dog, Oriana and olivia I Oriana and seamstress, Dedicated to a seamstress who looks like my mother-in-law ”. Between the words, the sounds are “reproduced with utensils”, the music composed by them and the individual images created by Lorna. “He offered to be attracted by my suggestions”. Thus, Oriana today has a face: she is curly, wears purple clothes and visits the Piazza Duomo. Because everyone returns when they go home. “Crema is made for me to measure, Crema is my home”.

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