Images, in Fig. In Scotland, the extraction of impressive whales from a groove before a military exercise

  Images, in Fig.  In Scotland, the extraction of impressive whales from a groove before a military exercise

This is a practice that could not be more dangerous in which Scottish soldiers are engaged. The latter proceeded to evacuate several whales from a reservoir, a reservoir, near Glasgow this Thursday. Purpose: to prepare a military exercise.

Three northern bottlenose whales were taken out of the sea from Glasgow near western Scotland on Thursday to protect them from military maneuvers scheduled for next week. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) group said they used a number of boats that used the “Light to Move” setacian, a branch of the sea near Longle to Fasley Naval Base.

@BDMLR Working hard to herd #Whale Walk back to the sea to rescue them from next week’s military exercises! Northern BN whales are sensitive to underwater sound, so the plan was created in consultation with colleagues @HWDT_org. Please donate to help.

– Sea Watch Foundation (@SeaWatchersUK) October 1, 2020

The bottlenose whale, which resembles a bottlenose dolphin with a raised head, usually lives far away from coastal waters, preferring deeper waters to the west of the UK and Ireland. “Rescuers have formed a barrier with boats to prevent animals from going in the wrong direction,” the group of rescue teams said.

Take “united warrior”

The evacuation took place a few days before the joint combat zone, a military exercise in which thousands of NATO troops, British soldiers and other international units should participate.

Northern Bottlenose Whales 16.40pm
The whales were successfully tilted towards the mouth of the first loop, although when the whale reached the roost point, they changed direction and went back towards Gareloched. The boats have stopped refueling and will continue further.@ Stevetruck1

– BDMLR (@BDMLR) October 1, 2020

“We were recently aware that there was a major military exercise starting next week, and since whales are particularly sensitive to underwater sounds, we were concerned about the impact on animals,” the rescue team said. Explained, who work together in concert. Defense and local population. “Therefore (…) this decision was made to try to round the animals using several boats to bring them back to sea.” About six boats were used in this operation.

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