Impossible mission to travel from Scotland to Japan during the epidemic

Impossible mission to travel from Scotland to Japan during the epidemic

The Campbell family left from the shores of Tweed on February 9 to participate in the Olympic Games in Japan. Kovid-19 has upset his plans. His (dis) thrill told on Instagram and Twitter: Tweed to Tokyo

In Scotland the word tweed has more than one meaning. It can be understood as a fabric of raw wool yarn, first made famous by the iconic Channel Jackets or as a river marking the historic border with England. It is no coincidence that it flows almost entirely through the boundary zone and in the language of the Celts tweed means its own boundary. “Turned to tokyo“In recent months it has becomeThe endless adventure of a Scottish family, who depart the banks of the Anonymous River, to be away from the city of Kelo to participate in the Olympic Games to be held in Japan.. The program had more than 8,000 kilometers to travel, crossing 24 countries and around 6 months worldwide. The trip to Campbels with their four children in Tomb began on February 9, but within a few weeks the epidemic destroyed any plans, for total lockdown, closure of borders and postponement of the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Deepest Round the clock, with the virus advancing across Europe, they were in Austria and, as Mom Harriot tells us, they made it in time to reach France, where they found shelter with family friends near Grenoble. Was: “We have been away from home for about 130 days and we have spent three months here” He explains “Between the end of February and the beginning of March, we began to understand that this program was disturbing. Big disappointment, There was disappointment. We had everything booked, from the accommodation to the tickets, from the rental car to the ferry. There is no doubt that we will make it in Tokyo, but now honestly there are other priorities. The world is suffering, we are one Fine in a fantastic place, and we are still lucky ”.

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Behind Japan’s path are the sacrifices, choices and sacrifices of a lifetime. Harriet took a sabbatical from her law firm, her husband Ben resigned from the British telecommunications company where she worked and, by agreement with educational institutions, her four children were able to leave their respective schools: Lucy, 12, The twins Aurora and Sophie were 11 years old, and Magnus, just 9 years old, but not in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia as the original show. Due to forced stops and the impossibility of relocating from the French department of Issay, the adventure has become much more social, so much so “Turned to tokyoNow eats instagram, Is on Twitter and all news is posted Official blog, Which includes an update magazine every week.

“We did what every big family around the world tried to do when they were closed at home.” But there was a challenge that greatly aroused the children, named #GettyMuseumChallenge, a challenge with which to reproduce the most famous paintings in museums around the world. They have chosen themselves on which to try, clothes to wear, and necessary accessories. We have published the most beautiful on social media, such as ‘A Friend in Need’ by Coolidge or ‘The Reader’ by Fragnard. We are now waiting for the situation to improve in Europe and the rest of the world before we get back on the road. We have been waiting for so long, only things locked by another lockdown will make no sense. Let’s hope the worst is behind us now. Meanwhile, for a few days we stop at the Santes-Maris-de-la-Mer in Provence, as children also continue to study French with online lessons. Then everyone else has to decide, although it goes that they will bring something from this trip. Too bad for the games, we wanted to watch football, judo and rugby at 7. We will try again with Paris in 2024 and it will be very easy ”.

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Despite the difficulties, the Campbell family wants to get through with it. There will be no Olympics in Tokyo for at least this year, but they will not return to Scotland before August because by that month they had rented their home in Kelo to another family. Having begun the adventure by touring only France, Austria and Switzerland, the roadmap now includes a decisive turn to the north, completing a long loop that runs from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Uzbekistan Passes through. , Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, China and finally Japan. Campbell does not give up, the virus will not win.


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