In 2022, answer the call of Scotland

In 2022, answer the call of Scotland

The host of a recent climate conference, Scotland can lay claim to a long-standing commitment to the conservation of nature and its wild landscapes. In addition, it evokes that sense of authentic hospitality that travelers crave for meaning and memorable experiences.

Undoubtedly more than any other, it is this unique blend of local changes of scenery, between myths and legends of ancestral culture, between the Loch Ness monster, the haunted castles of Kelpie and Crathes or Glamis, the remains of the battles of William Wallace or Robert can offer. Bruce, but without forgetting what made the country’s world reputation, whiskey and haggis, the Scottish national dish. Exoticism at your fingertips.

an accessible destination

French customers may enter Scotland without a visa by presenting a passport valid for the entire stay (compulsory from 1 October 2021). The destination is served by several direct flights and can be reached by train or ferry through England.

On the other hand, included in the Orange Zone defined by the Government of France, the United Kingdom and therefore Scotland have implemented mandatory health control measures that apply to our citizens. They are subject to change but you can already find them by clicking Here.

my heart swings between cities

Access to Scotland will often be through one or the other of the two large metropolises, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Each competes in a cultural and historical heritage that deserves more than a simple stop, at least the time to visit the Palace of Holyroodhouse in the “royal city” and follow in the footsteps of Glasgow architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. But your clients will be able to visit other cities with a strong personality: Dundee, recognized by UNESCO as one of the 40 World Capitals of Design with its V&A Museum, Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, Which also gives an opportunity to see. The Moray Firth estuary or Dolphins in Perth, the former seat of Scottish royalty and its Scone Palace.

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Edinburgh Castle – credit visitScotland / Kenny Lamm

A Roadtrip Through Time and Space

Ideally, Scotland can be explored by road, and for fans of softer mobility, it is possible to rent an electric car (there are several charging stations) or a bicycle to take your time. All you have to do is build your circuit however you desire, around a specific theme: history, adventure, gastronomy, or filming locations… In fact, the country has many historical sites full of emotion going back to prehistoric times. are in the footsteps of Mary Stuart at Loch Leven, or even a short-lived victory by Robert the Bruce, by surveying the lands of Bannockburn, by re-living the Battle of Culloden with Bonnie Prince Charlie, right now in Colnish. are also visible. From the top of the Highlands, more than 6,000 years of history watch over you.

Each era has left its mark, especially through the 3,000 palaces located in the country. Each era has its own museum, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, Kelvingrove in Glasgow, not to mention the Maritime Museum in Aberdeen and 120 whiskey distilleries that are all stages to taste, certainly fair.

Loch Restyl – credit visitScotland / Paul Tomkins

VisitScotland facilitates the task by multiplying thematic proposals through these various links:

all designated routes

VisitScotland also suggests that you offer pre-made tours, from the North Coast 500 route in the North Highlands, to the North East 250 in the North East, which links the Castle Road and the Whiskey Route to the South West Coastal 300 for Scottish exploration. connects to. Southwest. In total, about twenty marked routes with their own areas of interest, including one original proposal: exploring the country through 13 sites classified by UNESCO as World Heritage in Scotland. More extensive, a circuit of islands, Scotland has about 800, from the Isle of Skye, the most famous, to the Shetland Archipelago, the northernmost.

Scotland is topped by a great diversity of landscapes, from Glencoe (valleys) to Lakes (lakes) and Munros (mountains), from Glencoe to Loch Lomond or Loch Ness via Galloway Forest or the two national parks Cairngorms and Trossachs.

As you may have guessed, Scotland is a destination to recommend for fans of natural escapes, those in search of authenticity, lovers of history and stories, and human warmth.

Practical information by consulting the following links:

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