In Scotland, a lawsuit finds skeletons in the cupboards of Donald Trump’s golf clubs

In Scotland, a lawsuit finds skeletons in the cupboards of Donald Trump's golf clubs

Edinburgh — A legal process launched to combat money laundering by organized crime could be used to explain the very opaque purchase of two golf courses in Scotland by Donald Trump and his organization.

It was decided this Wednesday by one of the highest Scottish judges whose decision thwarts more or less active opposition action by the Edinburgh government.

The New York Times writes that the non-profit organization Awaaz is asking about the origins of the millions used for the two acquisitions. Excited about the decision, which comes at a time for Trump very fragile from a financial point of view, also the Scottish Green Party.

At the core of what the NGO calls “a reasonable doubt”, the fact that the $60 million purchase of a particularly spectacular (and naturally spectacular) Turnberry field was a dark red time, at least in tax. According to the documents. Furthermore, a total investment of $300 million in that green, and another in Aberdeen owned by Trump, never generated a single euro in profits.

So, the questions are two: where did this money come from and where did all the income go? As for these unknowns, he hopes to answer the lawsuit filed by The Voice: “Having dropped the first hurdle we now expect to be “fat”, the Scottish government will no longer be able to close its eyes to the evidence.” “, commented Nick Flynn, the NGO’s legal manager.

When asked, Trump International Scotland speaks of a “political investigation” and a “waste of taxpayers’ money”, as confirmed by Vice President Sarah Malone: ​​”We have built two popular and award-winning destinations and over the years In Scotland, thus contributing significantly to the Scottish tourist proposition, what these gentlemen want to do is a real disgrace ».

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For its part, the government responded with “no comment”.


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