In Scotland, Amazon destroys millions of new electronics

In Scotland, Amazon destroys millions of new electronics

It was promised, sworn, spit. pastel new products, heroine will no longer be withdrawn. But nothing has changed at the Dunfermline warehouse, Scotland’s largest. Each week, employees must destroy 130,000 products that have been sold or returned by customers.

50% of the products are still in their box, the rest are customer returns in very good condition.

ITV News

UK Channel ITV News Went to dig through the scraps of the monster of online sales: state-of-the-art TV screens, smartphones, drones or surgical masks, everything is there. “50% of products are still in their packing box, others are customer return in very good condition”, Explains to one of the employees in the chain.

is repeated every week, and given its 24 warehouses located across the country, “The Seattle giant (in Great Britain) could destroy 162 million new products per year”, Counted NGO Friends of the Earth, which in 2019 disclosed similar practices in France.

For Amazon, it’s better to destroy than to store

Why this massive destruction? business model of businessheroine Navigates between overproduction and oversupply to consumers. The company hosts products from hundreds of thousands of vendors. “the latter continue to own their goods”, Overproduction in Friends of the Earth enlightens campaign manager Alma Dufour . “Amazon wants to rotate and refurbish products as much as possible. To do this, the firm has set up an invoicing system where the longer goods are stored, the more expensive they are.” opposite of this, “Amazon provides destruction of unsold or returned products.” In short, for sellers, it is better to store or return their merchandise than to have it destroyed.

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When contacted by the channel, the MNC indicated that the process was not illegal, but that the company “Set a goal of zero product elimination”. five months from COP26 On the climate in Scotland, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, had to react: “If this is true then we will do something”…

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