Home Top News In Scotland, fishermen are deprived of seafood

In Scotland, fishermen are deprived of seafood

In Scotland, fishermen are deprived of seafood

“Now that Brexit is here, I am very disappointed.” On his small boat anchored in Laurus, a seaside resort in the west of Scotland, Ian Wightman rocked the freshly caught langotine. Crustaceans fall into a crate where dozens of other people are still alive. On the ground, the two boxes are also well filled. At thirty-six years of work, the 57-year-old fisherman never needed to store his products. “Before Brexit and Kovid-19, everything we caught during the day was on the shelves after twenty-four hours. Today, due to transport delays and paperwork we cannot guess: in December, it was a document to fill, now it is 47 for a single transaction ”, Complains Sailor, who still voted “leave” Its activity in 2016 has been reduced by 50% since the end of the post-Brexit period, he says. “We make enough money just to pay bills and eat. It waits to survive

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Nina Guirenou de Lamarie Special Envoy to Largs and Harthill (Scotland)

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