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Tunisians are less and less religious, especially the youngest

According to the latest Arab barometer study, religious sentiment is declining throughout the Arab world. Conducted among 25,000 people in ten countries of the Arab world, this survey shows that Tunisia has a proportion of over 45% of the population among 18-29 year olds presenting themselves as non-religious. . This will be the result of the 2014 Constitution. With our correspondent in Tunis, Michel Picard 2014 constitution guarantees freedom of conscience, and would advocate the rise of a freedom in relation to religion. Either is a sign of democratic progress, according to Abderjek Sayadi, professor of comparative religion and civilization: “I see a democratic maturity here. Young people today dare to defy religious taboo and say “no, I’m not religious, I don’t practice”, or “I’m an atheist”. Furthermore, we are the only Arab country to authorize a union that expressly militates for atheism. It does not exist in other Muslim countries. According to Helleikka, the revolution was a catalyst for openness. “Yes, it gave a certain freedom of expression,”. For example, do you call yourself a nun? “No, not really, I call myself spiritual”, answers the student. Even for young physicians, the possibility of describing himself as a believer or according to Aziz does not confirm an openness. “I’m religious, I’m a Muslim,” the 19-year-old says. Yes it is a form of freedom because even though Tunisia is a Muslim country, everyone can believe what they want. According to Abderrajak Sayyidi, the arrival of parties into the political scene claiming to be Islam has intensified religious anorexia. “I think the youth who today believed at a certain time that religious parties were cleaner or more pious saw them at work: they were no different from other parties,” he says. ‘This led to a genuine deep rejection of youth and sudden people regarding religious practice and religion. “” To read also: Tunisia: “We are in a period of learning about democracy

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