In Scotland, the dream of independence put Kovid to the test

In Scotland, the dream of independence put Kovid to the test

There is panic in the air this past pre-election weekend in Scotland. Saturday 1is In May, Angus Robertson has passed the Green City Councilor on a stairway from Georgia, a working area west of Edinburgh, Scotland’s political capital.. “I will stay, if he takes our brochure” Edinburgh moves the SNP candidate for the center’s constituency, the most contested May 6 election, to renew Holyrode, the “developed” Scottish parliament.

This stake is largely on the scale of Scotland as the United Kingdom: if it attains the majority position, it is to say that 65 deputies, the Freedom Party – which holds 61 for the moment – and more social support. Promises and substantial increments for caregivers. But, above all, it would have enough legitimacy to demand a second independence referendum in London seven years after 2014. those days, 55.3% of Scots preferred to live in the UK. But Brexit has since happened, with 62% rejecting Tweed’s answer, And the situation has changed fundamentally, the SNP wants to believe it.

The Greens are not the most threatened in the Edinburgh Center, a very bourgeois constituency, with pockets of poverty around the city center. But all voices count: In 2016, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, Ruth Davidson, stole the place from the SNP by only 610 votes. She does not represent herself: This is a young Tory city councilor, Scott Douglas, who has joined the ranks and faces veteran Angus Robertson, a former MP in Westminster and a former deputy leader of the Independence Party.

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Popularity of Nikola Sturgeon

At the national level, facing conservatives whose only rationale is to preserve the Union (“I want to do everything to convince people to avoid a new referendum”, Scottish Tories leader Douglas Ross reemphasized during a press briefing on Friday 30 April, leading the SNP fourteen years in power and despite a mixed record.

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Its leader, Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister, is gaining unprecedented popularity due to the controlled control of the epidemic. But the legislative campaign has run out of steam so far: the Prime Minister has left journalists, and activists have only started Door to Door in mid-April due to health restrictions. According to a summary of polls conducted by the BBC between 23 May and 30 April, voting has weakened in recent weeks, giving the SNP only one additional seat advantage on 6 May.

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