In Scotland, the extraordinary blizzard wakes the people of Edinburgh

In Scotland, the extraordinary blizzard wakes the people of Edinburgh

An unusual meteorological event that aroused many residents of the city of Edinburgh came to light in Scotland on Thursday evening.

An explosion, an aircraft going through a sound barrier … Many residents of Edinburgh woke up last night hearing the loud sound outside. Tell the scottish police The independent Many calls were received from anxious people, but immediately reassured the population: it was quite a snowstorm, commonly called “Thundersen” in English.

This unusual weather event occurs when thunder showers occur during winter, which can cause heavy snowfall.

Although rare, icy storms can occur in particularly cold months of the year. But meteorological phenomena occur on another dimension when it occurs in the middle of the night: lightning is then reflected on ice and then much brighter than normal. However, despite calls from Edinburghers, permission was granted to see electric noise as opposed to snow Met the officeNational Meteorological Service.

Many blocked roads

“While the thunder of a typical thunderstorm can be heard for around miles, thunderstorms that occur during a thunderstorm can only be heard within 3-4 km of lightning,” he explains. UK Meteorological Agency.

The rumble on the streets of the Scottish city last night was enough to activate the car alarm, however, and even set off several roads and a large bridge for a few hours.

The Meteorological Department on Friday issued a warning due to heavy snowfall in a large part of Scotland due to heavy snowfall and recorded -9.6 ° C with high-cold. .

Hughes Garnier BFMTV Correspondent


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