In Scotland they tease England: “Italy’s victory was a great relief”

scottish independence newspaper National you take one Revenge at great disdain England, Later unforgettable evening Because of which Italy on the roof of Europe And left the English club empty handed.

One’England that is Lost against aItaly Which is one of the best in terms of style, elegance and sportiness Unforgettable Lesson NS inexplicable english they gave the worst of them Whistling the Italian anthem, taking off medals and insulting your own players for not getting punished.

Following a cover dedicated to Roberto Mancini as Braveheart, in which he openly declared his support for Azzurri, The Scottish newspaper is back tease england, To publish Letter addressed to the British Prime Minister boris johnsonin which one has all the air teased,:

“Dear Prime Minister, we’re not sure if you watched the game on Sunday or if you’re sitting in front of the TV just in time for a little photo shoot, but England lose to Italy in Euro 2020 final. in scotland, as you may know, the relief was great“.

“Although it may be Anger To of England not being able to claim victory as a direct success of brexie (since there isn’t another yet), we’re pretty sure it will generous in defeat.

The newspaper adds: “We believe it would be appropriate to think of one” New title given to Italian team manager Roberto “The Bruce” Mancini, For services to Scotland. we know she likes to give fake prize for her friends, so we thought she’d like to do the same One of our nation’s most loved football figures“.

No response from Downing Street, but newspaper specifies “We are not holding our breath by any means”.

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