In Scotland, we are looking for something to drink: a future freedom?

In Scotland, we are looking for something to drink: a future freedom?

In the streets of Edinburgh, no one to drink for one last Thursday until 2020: the Pentagralic celebration of “Hogemene” has been canceled by imprisonment. And Scott is watching, sadly, the implementation of Brexit, with many wanting it to be the trigger for their freedom.

The Royal Mile, where some of Scotland’s ride queues – tartan, whiskey or fried chocolate bar stands – are immersed in the snowy silence, darkness and squares.

At 11am local time, when the rest of the UK slips between two cuts to Prosecco, the deadline for this latest Brexit, Zoe Stewart, like most Scots, who voted 62% against this exit in 2016, is not the country. This never happened to the rest of the world.

“It’s really sad to leave the European Union, but when it’s all over, I believe we really should start the process of independence”, to be able to do that Assures complete enthusiasm. Our own choice and not always to present to the people of England “, often known here as” Westminster “, in the name of the district situated in the British Parliament.

For Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP’s Independence Party, there is indeed a political momentum to play and a desperation on which to capitalize from 1 January.

His party is also in favor of local elections in May next year and insists on the desire to achieve a new referendum of self-determination after being defeated by separatists in 2015.

A strong SNP victory next year will put more pressure on London to accept another referendum, which was already dubbed “indyref2”. And if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to approve this referendum, they risk a constitutional crisis.

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– 2021 Decisive Year? –

According to the latest poll conducted by Savita Como for the Scotsman in mid-December, 58% of Scots now support a break with the United Kingdom with an all-time high.

“It is very difficult to spot a trend. It fluctuates. The first half of 2020 was about 50/50. The second semester shows a majority of above 50% and up to 59%, mainly against the backdrop of managing the Kovid crisis, ”analyzes Nicola McEwan, a professor of political science at the University of Edinburgh.

The popular Scottish prime minister, who began organizing Kovid points on 20 March and has since scored 150 Kovid points, has since been shot by the leftist daily The Guardian for what he called “a model of factual reliability, sound advice and caution” Gai benefits from his local management of the health crisis, compared to what is perceived by Boris Johnson as more uncertain.

Mike Blackshaw, under the portrayal of the dapper prime minister, is already defeating an online campaign for this fictional referendum from a “Yes Cafe” of neighborhood freedom activists.

Badges and T-shirts are already ready. They now mix two flags, light Scotland blue and European royal blue, white crosses and stars. “The year 2021 will be a defining year for the independence movement”, wants to believe the veteran of the cause with a long white beard.

And for the Scottish tradition of “first rung”, it’s the first step at midnight at the threshold of the symbolic house that brings good luck for the new year, with Mike Blackshaw’s only wish: “A referendum in September, win it and Then, I can die in peace ”.

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