Independence of scotland | Justice rejects request for new referendum

  Independence of scotland |  Justice rejects request for new referendum

(London) Scottish justice on Friday declined a request to authorize a new referendum on Scottish independence without the consent of the British government, which strongly opposes it.

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It would be “premature” to rule on the issue, said the Supreme Court of Scotland, the Court of Sessions, Judge Aisa Carmichael.

Even in a green light situation, such a decision “will not force the Scottish Government, the UK Government or the Scottish Parliament to act in any particular way,” the magistrate said.

The court of session was seized by Martin Keatings, a pro-independence activist who expressed his intention to appeal.

With the necessary approval from London, Scotland held a self-judging referendum in 2014, which voted 55% in favor of keeping it in the United Kingdom.

With dissatisfaction due to the management of Brexit and then the epidemic, the desire for independence is back in force, and the question of a new referendum is at the center of growing tension between the SNP and the Scottish independence government of Scottish independence.

Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon repeatedly reiterated that the state of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union had changed against the will of 62% of Scots and that a new referendum should be held in a nation of five million. People.

In recent weeks, polling has repeatedly shown a majority in favor of separation from the rest of the state.

But visiting Scotland in late January to promote the unity of the United Kingdom, Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has the final say in the matter, had reiterated his strong opposition to such consultation.

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It will put more pressure on the Conservative leader if separatists consolidate their majority in the Scottish Parliament in the local elections next May.

In February 2020, SNP MP Joanna Cherry said she wanted the Scottish Parliament to hold a non-binding consultant referendum, whose judges would then decide on the legality.


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