Ireland wins Edinburgh, Scotland “LA Sport”

Ireland wins Edinburgh, Scotland

A kick from Sexton within minutes of canceling the Scottish comeback at Murrayfield. The fourth day of Six Nations ends with the host missing the residual chances of winning the title, which is now the case between Wales and France.

Ireland immediately starts strong and with the first possession puts Scotland in great trouble in defense and the hosts are forced to foul. Sexton beat Ireland 3–0 after 4 minutes. All the Greens insist, a kick sexton hits the hosts hard and a new kick in the in-goal is not controlled by the three players who jump and Henshaw threw himself at the ball and crushed it 8–0. Ireland’s avoidable dishonesty at 10 ‘E. Russell goes to shorten the pitch. Now Scotland play better, but Ireland in the score wins a free-kick to regain the ground. Another Scottish foul and Sexton is looking for a touch this time at 5 meters. However, excellent Scottish defense, which prevents Ireland from being dishonest.

Beautiful Scottish football from Ireland, which makes Ireland difficult, takes refuge in their own 22. Touch ball, however, lost in a throw-in and did nothing. The hosts insisted that they enter the 22 again, but once again the ball was lost. On the other hand, Stuart Hogg does not miss the ball in the 28th minute, when the goalkeeper stops a kick, kicks, the ball hits him in the face, pulls out and The hog collects it for 10–8 goals for the host. Ireland to push back e 24 ‘sends a Scottish foul on Sexton pitch For the passing of guests. The match is marked as a violation and in the 38th minute it is Russell who goes to the pitch, but does not find the Scottish opening positions. Last chance of first half On Jonathan Sexton’s feet and it goes to rest at 10-14.

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Scotland struggled at the start of the second half and as such, Ireland had their first real chance of attack after seven minutes of play. More than Tadgir Beirne arrives, who crushes and crushes and Ireland who runs away 10-21. E again to the visiting team ‘Sexton’ spans off the pitch at 55. But the Irish defense is asleep at game time How Jones accelerates and flies all the way and turns for the walking hog 17-24.

Scotland who now believes this, after a long blackout, and pushes on the accelerator. In a 71 penalty for Scotland that does not seek the goalpost, another foul, another restart from 5 meters, Ireland defends indefinitely at the goal line, but In the end, Watson went ahead and Hogg equaled. But it takes Ireland a few minutes to force Scotland into a new foul. Sexton returns from difficult situation 27-24.

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