It is cheaper for the BBC to keep Martin Bashir on sick pay than to suspend him

It is cheaper for the BBC to keep Martin Bashir on sick pay than to suspend him

Martin Bashir has not been suspended from his BBC job because it costs the corporation less to keep him on ill pay, the Telegraph understands.

An investigation is underway into how Mr Bashir got interviewed with Princess Diana 25 years ago, led by a judge of Mr Bashir of the year.

Mr Bashir was on sick leave after undergoing four heart bypasses in September. He first fell ill with heart problems in August, and was reported to be seriously ill with covid-related complications last month.

Mr Bashir has insisted he remains too ill to speak out in defense of his reputation, accusing the bank of falsifying statements to help secure interviews for the BBC’s Panorama, one of the corporation’s biggest concerns.

The Telegraph understands that Mr Bashir has not been suspended, the results of the investigation are pending, as it means the boss will have to agree to pay full salary. Under the terms of the BBC’s Health and Illness Absence Policy, employees signed sick receive their full pay for the first 18 weeks, with a half pay cut for nine weeks “over a 12-month rolling period”.

In the case of Mr. Bashir, it is believed that he is now on half pay, has been laid off for a total of 18 weeks after signing the first Covid-19 contract, after which bypass operations have been carried out. After a further nine weeks on half pay, he is entitled under the BBC’s policy that he only bears the government’s legal illness in a week. .. receives of 85 – which is much less than his weekly salary packet.

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Mr Bashir’s salary is not known, but he is not on the BBC’s ‘talent’ list, which the corporation is bound to publish annually, meaning that in the year 2018-2019, he was paid less than £ 150,000. After returning to the corporation in 2016 and being appointed to the prestigious position of the BBC’s editor of religious affairs, he is likely to be on a six-figure salary.

If the BBC has suspended Mr Bashir, they will have to pay him in full.


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