Italdone started with a win, beat Scotland 38-12

Italdone started with a win, beat Scotland 38-12

Italdón opened in the best possible way, winning and winning bonus points, their way into the European Rugby World Cup qualifiers: at the “Lanfranchi” in Parma, home of the quadrangle which would see the winner a spot for next year’s World Cup in New Zealand. . , Furlan and his comrades need only some time to regulate Scotland.

It’s 38-13. endshandjob But already at half-time, Di Giandomenico’s azure held his hostage on the match with four goals and a regional and sporting dominance that materialized from the first bar: immediately into the attack, Italy before the second minute. Scores with a pick-and-go after Giada Franco moved close to the British goal line.

Scotland tries to react with a spot from Nelson’s opening, Italdone builds up a large amount of play but struggles in the middle stages of the first half of the game, then one-two between the twenty-second and twenty-fifth which Let’s break the balance of the match: first Magatti accelerates offshore, avoids a tackle and crushes the flag, then Guy punches a hole ten meters in the middle of the field at opponents, flying to the poles and served before stopping by the Baraatin – today attendance numbers at ninety-nine – which extends to 19-3.

The guests try to shorten the leg, 19-6, but a collision by Arigetti out of twenty-two before the final whistle is met with no opposition and launches the winner of the 2021 trophy “Braglia” into the goal for bonus marking. Mune: It goes to rest at 26-6.

At the start of the second half the Scots won the battle for field and possession without moving the scoreboard: Italy instead did it in the quarter of an hour with a brilliant Magatti-Sillari combination that brought the center to the middle of the goalpost and the captain immediately afterwards. With Furlan, Joe crushes a Madia football behind the Highlanders’ defense line in the goal area.

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The twentieth with the match at 38-6 and virtually up Italy allows himself a minor distraction – yellow for Sogorbini, just entered for a professional foul – which cost numerical inferiority and a Scottish goal: It is closer to the seventeenth, it is 38–13 and the result does not change anymore, with Di Giandomenico the first lines Vecchini and Sei starting in blue.

Azure will face Ireland in the “Lanfranchi” on the second day on Sunday, which will feature in the opening round against Spain (update on)

Scotland – Italy 13-38
Marker: for 2 m Franco Tr. sillary (0-7); 6′ CP Nelson (3-7); 22 m Magati (3-12); 25 m Baratin TR. Sillari (3-19); 34′ CP Nelson (6-19); 38 m Arigetti Tr. Sillari (6-26); scheduled tribe 15′ m Sillary tr. Sillari (6-33); 19′ m Furlan (6-38); 29′ m Lloyd Tr. Law (13-38)
Scotland: roly; Lloyd, Smith (37′ St. Dougan), Thomson (19′ St. Law), Gaffney; Nelson, Maxwell (17′ St. McDonald’s); Conkel (23′ St. Gallagher), Macmillan (10′ St. Lachlan), Malcolm (Cap); Bonner, Wasel; Bellisley, Skeldon (19′ St. Wright), Bartlett (10′ St. Cockburn). All. eoson
Italy: Ostuni-Minuzzi; Furlan (c), Sillari (19′ St. Muzzo), Rigoni, Magatti; Madia (31′ St. D’Inca), Baratine (19′ St. Stephen); Giordano, Franco (12′ St. Sgorbini), Arigetti; Duca, Fedrighi (19′ St. Locatelli); Gai (35′ St. Sei), Betony (10′ St. Vecchini), Maris (31′ St. Merlo). Cowboy Di Giandomenico
Arb. Groizelau (France)
Soccer Players: Sillari (Italy) 4/6; Nelson (Scotland) 2/3; Law (Scotland) 1/1
pay attention: Land in perfect condition, sunny day, about two hundred spectators. President FIR Innocenti in the stand. National debut for Vittoria Vecchini and Sara Sey.
tags: 20′ st. Sgorbini Yellow (Italy); 35′ st. Bellisley (Scotland)


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