Italgubi against Scotland, starts at the back

italrugby contro la scozia canna parte dalla panchina

Smith thinks positively: “On Saturday we want to win to close the tournament in the best way possible.”


The final match of Six Nations 2021 will see Italugabi playing against Scotland on a difficult Murrayfield ground. Kick-off is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Saturday in the direction of French Pascal Gougere. Italy comes from four knockouts in several games and goes on a quest for the classic game Miracle to disrupt a series that has grown too long. Compared to the previous three matches, Samnite Carlo Cana will not be on the field, at least from the first minute, starting with the number 22 jersey off the bench, replacing Federico Mori.

“We have a big challenge,” said head coach Franco Smith. “Our work done this week was excellent. We want to win the tournament on Saturday, closing the tournament in the best way possible and moving on to become more and more competitive.

This is the area that will take the area:

15 Edoardo Padovani (Benetton Rugby, 27 Cap) *

14 Mattia Bellini (Zebre Rugby Club, 30 caps)

13 Juan Ignacio BREX (Benetton Rugby, 4 caps)

12 Federico Mori (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano, 8 Cap) *

11 Montana IOANE (Benetton Rugby, 5 Cap)

10 Paolo Garbisi (Benetton Rugby, 9 Cap) *

9 Stephen Varney (Glouster Rugby, 6 caps)

8 Mitchell Lamaro (Benetton Rugby, 6 Cap) *

7 Johann Meyer (Zebre Rugby Club, 13 caps)

6 Sebastian NEGRI (Benetton Rugby, 32 caps)

5 Federico RUZA (Benetton Rugby, 21 Cap) *

4 Niccolo Cannon (Benetton Rugby, 12 Cap) *

3 Marco RICCIONI (Benetton Rugby, 14 Cap) *

2 Luca Big (Zebre Rugby Club, 36 caps) – Captain

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1 Danilo Fischetti (Zebre Rugby Club, 11 caps) *


16 Gianmarco Lucci (Benetton Rugby, 5 Cap) *

17 Andrea Lavotti (Zebre Rugby Club, 46 caps) *

18 Giosu Zilcocchi (Zibre Rugby Club, 14 caps) *

19 Ricardo Favretto (Moglinio Rugby 1969, newcomer)

20 Maxime MBANDA ‘(Zebre Rugby Club, 28 caps) *

21 Marcello VIOLI (Zebre Rugby Club, 20 caps) *

22 Carlo CANNA (Zebre Rugby Club, 51 Cap)

23 Marco Zexon (Benetton Rugby, 5 Cap) *

* FIR Academy member Ivan Francescato


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