Italy beat Scotland in a dominant match – OA Sport

Italy beat Scotland in a dominant match - OA Sport

The Italians won the final match of the 2021 Guinness Six Nations Women’s Group Stage and they do it in Scotland, qualifying and clearly beating the hosts. The match was dominated by the blue on the field, who though with minor errors accepted the Scots a bit more and called it off after an hour’s play. Now Ireland have to aim for the podium of the tournament.

Italy starts well and fixes the kick-off, suffers a foul and immediately goes to 22 Scots. Touche, however, is devious and Parma’s problems recur in Glasgow. The Blues are excellent in the field and have put Scotland in trouble and remain in the attacking zone. and from the second scrum the ball is completely in BA Rigoni who breaks down and first goal for the Blues who started off very well at Scottston and went 0-7. And Italy immediately grants an encore. The ball comes back to his own half and the blue trocar moves his feet first with Ostuni Minuzzi and then Manuela Furlan who flies has not arrived and is 0-12 . have a repeat for. Di Giandomenico’s team still dominates in scrum, defending well when the ball is Scottish, but a few too many inaccuracies prevent the blue from striking again.

So the fifteenth lost touch gives Scotland a chance to throw-in in the 5m attack. And in the 24th minute the home team’s goal comes with Maul and that’s the hooker Lana Skeldon to crush and re-open a match that blue could have already closed but where they pay off too much imperfection in the hand and you go 7-12. Italy tries to react immediately and after too long action again has Beatrice Rigoni to go ahead in the diving, but she loses the oval ahead and does nothing. Italy insists on attacking, but this time facing a Scottish scuffle and another wasted opportunity. Another lost ball in the attack the Blues find themselves with a Scottish touch a step away from their target zone, but the hosts also make too many mistakes and Italy survive. A naive foul by Rigoni and so Scotland goes to the pitch and in the end Neela gives three points. But when time runs out the blue eventually takes advantage of the Scottish inaccuracy, a ball that goes up Ilaria Arigetti who slips into the end-to-end Scottish shirt and goes to rest 10-19 for the blue. The first half where Italy got off to a good start but then lost a bit and looking at the recovery allowed Scotland to stay in the game.

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Italy gets off to a strong start with Sarah Baratin riding immediately, then followed by an oval tackle that goes to the left and This is the excellent Vittoria Ostuni Minuzzi for the bonus half and 10-24 . crushes for. Scotland reacts and does it once again with Maul, Italy struggling to defend and only surviving a foul. Helen Nelson goes to the pitch and scores 13-24. leads to. With the match still in the balance, despite scoring 4 goals for the blue, Di Giandomenico’s girls returned to attack to try to close it. Touch 5 meters, go ahead, but an opportunity that is lost because of the blue frenzy and turnover. The referee of the match gives a lot to the Scots, who thus save themselves. Finally after saving the referee several times in an hour’s play, and getting a chance for the blue, the referee sees a Scottish foul. Another advantage and a ball that reaches Manu Furlan and a brace for the blue captain that virtually closes the discussion on 13-29.

Scotland tries to react, requiring three scoring to turn the conversation around, with a very lengthy action, but the hosts are struggling to gain the advantage line in front of an excellent Blue defence. The Scots still has the ball in hand, but Rigoni snatches the oval and Italy lofts to the ground with an arrogantly excellent and superb pass. And finally it’s Bea Rigoni who has a crush on her personal double And Italy who finally have a score that shows clear superiority over the field at 13-34. The match is now closed and Scotland are trying to find the least possible target to close the gap The notation that comes to 73 is ‘with the weasel for 20-34’. However, the Blues could now easily control the match, a match where the Blues clearly outperformed their opponents and only a few minor errors did not allow Scotland to collapse first. and blue who are still looking for a target e Finally comes the trio of Manuela Furlan who final score 20-41 . sets on.

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Photo: Alessio Tarpini/LPS


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