Italy does not defend, Scotland wins easy – OY Sport

Italy does not defend, Scotland wins easy - OY Sport

Five games, five defeats. 32 consecutive knockouts and yet another debate for the Azzurri who close the Six Nations 2021 with another rugby lesson. This time it is up to Scotland to do badly and build a ramp against a blue team for a long embarrassing stretch in defense.

Start with a bang in Edinburgh, strong start with Scotland, but not realized. So when Italy wins a free kick in the attack, he gets in touch and This is Luca Biggie who crushes for 5 ‘profit. But Scotland responded quickly and immediately and shortly afterwards the situation reversed. Scottish Touche to crush Maul and Cherry, but change does not come and Italy lead 7-5. Scotland emphasizes crime with quick action and is Van der Merwe who flies and goes to crush for 12-7 Scottish. 16 ‘on beautiful blue verb, Scottish foul and Garbasi reduced to -2Even if Scotland continue the match.

Scotland which puts defense in serious difficulty Federico Mori commits a foul and is shown a yellow card. Italy suffers from inferiority 24 ‘Darcy Graham dunks and Scotland goes 17-10. Italy struggles to make the ball in the hand, but once again in defense, leaving too much space, there is no easy match and Hugh Jones thanked him and at 29 ‘he flew away and scored the fourth goal. The hosts do not slow down, while the Blues bow to the opposing force. Smith and Scotland’s team slightly improve defense and no longer hurts. But the home team insists that Italy has made trivial mistakes and occupied property and land. However, at the end of time, it is Italy who have one last chance to reopen the match with a touch in the attack, but ahead Sends teams to rest with Scotland from 24-10.

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Throw-in and a bad mistake were immediately attacked by Garbesi in Scotland, with a touchdown in 22 Italians. Another foul, one more touch at 5 m E It is cherry again from Maul to crush him for his fifth Scottish try. The Hogs make no mistake and go 31-10. This is a Scottish monologue, Italy is already on foot, and Another blue foul in the 52nd minute and a yellow card for Sib Negri And in Italy inferiority for another 10 minutes. is Goal number 6 arrives, this time signed by Scott Steele, Which bathes its beginnings as a beginner with a beginning.

It is accompanied by wet rain in game time A dangerous tackle with a yellow card for Monty Ioane and the wingerIn Italy for 13 minutes. 62 ‘Lamaro enters the ruck from behind, but the referee only punishes. Scotland are very close to the marking, but Brex in the goal area avoids crushing the ball. Goal That Comes At 66 ‘With Sam Johnson And Italy which scores 5 out of 5 in the game with more than 40 points. is Van der Merwe has also crossed 50 points and made a fatal counterattack in the 71st minute for the final 52–10.. Strikes Italy off in the attack, but has a sop at the end of an embarrassing tournament. Team not at the level of six nations and so on yet to reconsider the blue level.

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