Italy hosts Scotland on Friday evening at Reggio Emilia

Italy hosts Scotland on Friday evening at Reggio Emilia

After the break, the Old Continent’s rugby challenges each other. The triple clash between Italy and Scotland on the third day of the Six Nations will begin with “Fabio Rosselli’s Azurrini” against the Baby-Highlanders tomorrow (Friday 21 February) at 7pm on “Mirabello” in Rabio Emilia. Live streaming at

The XV holder will have three changes compared to the match with France’s world champions, won 31–19 by Transalpine. In the wing, Lai will be replaced by Borin; In the third line, Andrini will take over as Maurizi and the repatriation will stand in the middle, with the number 9 jersey handed over to Albanys, who handles the Italian-Welsh Varney. Everyone else confirmed. So Trulla Extreme, Mba left wing, Mori-Bertascini between centers, opening captain Garbisi, third line to complete Cannon and Zuliani, second to make Zambonin and Favretto, Nechulai-Lucchesi-Drudi first.
In the standings, with two complete wins (total: 10 points), Ireland’s side, followed by England (9), France (6), Italy (4, Wales), Scotland (2) and Wales (0 ).
At the level of 20 under six nations, the Italians have not lost against the Scots since 2017. We have to deal with the great pride of boys in the kilns. Pride, stubbornness and a pinch of bashfulness, which, however, Garbiisi and his comrades are not lacking.

This is the line-up announced by coach Fabio Roselli:

15 Jacopo Trula (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano)
14 Luca Borin (FEMI-CZ Rovigo)
13 Federico Mori (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano)
12 Giulio BERTACCINI (Valorugby Emilia)
11 Mitchell MBA (Gold Rugby in Flames)
10 Paolo Garbisi (Argos Petraca) – Captain
9 Manfredi Albane (SS Lazio Rugby 1927)
8 Lorenzo Cannon (Florentia Rugby)
7 Manuel Zulian (Country Rugby)
6 Luca Andreini (Lower Brescia Leno)
5 Andrea Zamonin (Rangers Vicenza)
4 Ricardo Favitto (Mogliano Rugby 1969)
3 Ion NECULAI (Cavalry Union)
2 Gianmarco Leucci (Lions Amaranth)
1 Mattio DRUDI (Frasati Rugby Club 2015)

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16 Mateo Baldelli (Knights Association)
17 Lorenzo Michellini (Kawasaki robot Calvisano)
18 Muhammad Hussain (rugby union)
19 Pietro CUCINOTTA (Flames Gold Rugby)
20 Alessandro IZEKOR (Kawasaki Robot Calvisano)
21 Andrea Vizentin (FEMI-CZ Rovigo)
22 materia ferrin (udine rugby)
23 Michelle Brightetti (National Academy Ivan Francesco)

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