Italy is also disastrous in Scotland (52–10), it is the worst six nations ever

Italy is also disastrous in Scotland (52–10), it is the worst six nations ever

it could have been worse? No, we have never played such a bad Six Nations – collected 34 goals, a record passive – as we had never lost so badly against Scotland (-42), the cheapest of our opponents: 52-10, 8 Try it. 1. A capotto lined by Franco Smith’s discouragement was also concealed, with his face hidden in his hands. In the finals, the 13th rogue of Smith Management, Ricardo Favretto, also entered the fray, but the Italian coach he is now trying to build for the young Italy is very fragile indeed, a small boat at the mercy of the sea Larger than. his. Little in attack, an embarrassing defense, not to be anchored at one stage of the game, only partial certainty is the young midfielder formed by Varney and Garbisi. Reconstruction, if successful, will be long and difficult.

Scotland introduced a ‘happy’, with the conviction of easily dominating the game on the board, and a right punishment by Azurri, who went on to score the goal with Big, at 6. ‘But this will be the last time we appear in host K22 in the entire first half. The reaction was not long in coming, with Scotland equaling the score at 11 ‘with Hooker Cherry (but Hogg missed the change). Another six minutes passed and overtaking ensued, with van der Merwe defending the blue after a hole by Huw Jones and fixing the result at 12-7. To make matters worse, Mori’s yellow card arrives at 19, which does not lock up a tackle and opens the way for two other Scottish goals, with Jones at 21 ‘with Graham and 21 at 28’ Which thus brings an aggressive bonus to the house already. This is an Italy that, as usual, does not deal or deal badly, exposing itself to the enthusiasm of the Scots – who must remember – made 10 changes compared to a week ago and continues to watch Are that they want to try aggressive plans, and in defense it is anything but rocky. Even we keep in touch, until we at least try to counter the Scottish jumpers. The good things are Varney’s initiative, playing as an already experienced midfielder at the age of 19, and Garbisi’s presence. The rest of the figures confirm our fragility: 29 unsuccessful tackles (out of 124) against 4 Scots, the cover ball in the hand at 251 meters against 709 of opponents. The first half ends at 24–10.

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Italy is still in play for better or worse, but unfortunately it comes at the beginning of the second half, with a fifth Scottish effort, Cherie’s second brought by Maul, at 45 ‘. At this point Prakash definitely departs for Azzurri, who caters to Negri and Iyenne’s two other teammates, making three more tries (Steele et 53 ‘, Johnson at 65, van der Merwe at 71) that disaster. Let’s seal


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