Italy is beautiful (but a bit clumsy) and Scotland dominates

Italy is beautiful (but a bit clumsy) and Scotland dominates

One-way match in Glasgow, with the Blues, who, however, make a slight mistake and keep the British in the game for an hour.

The Italians won the last match of the 2021 Guinness Six Nations women’s group stage and they do it in Scotland, qualifying and clearly defeating the hosts. The match was dominated by the blue on the field, who though with minor errors accepted the Scots a bit more and called it off after an hour’s play. Now Ireland have to aim for the podium of the tournament.

Italy starts well and fixes the kick-off, suffers a foul and immediately goes to 22 Scots. Touche, however, is devious and Parma’s problems recur in Glasgow. The Blues are excellent in the field and have put Scotland in trouble and remain in the attacking zone. And from another scrum the ball comes all the way to B Rigoni which breaks and the first goal for the Blue which started very well in Scottston and went to 0-7. And Italy immediately grants an encore. The ball hits his own half and Neela Trocar moves his legs with first Ostuni Minuzzi and then Manuela Furlan who flies away, is not reached and a repeat for 0-12. Di Giandomenico’s team still dominates in scrum, defending well when the ball is Scottish, but a few too many inaccuracies prevent the blue from striking again. read on oy sport.

Photo: Alessio Tarpini/LPS


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