Italy, Scotland also with you: “Only you can save this…”

Italy, Scotland also with you:

Tomorrow will surely be the most awaited day of the year for all football fans, especially Italian and English fans, who are trying to do everything in these hours to manage the anxiety and adrenaline flowing in their veins before the big match. Will try this. Wembley. At stake will be the European title that is so coveted in our homeland, given that it has been missing for 53 years but dreamed of even more and the British have yet to experience the thrill of lifting this trophy to the sky.

Although Azurri would have to contend with the Southghat battleship, still undefeated and accepted his possessions with only one goal, other than the domestic factor which turns everything in favor of the British if we consider the place where Super challenge will take place.

However, not everyone will be ready to cheer for England, in fact most of the ‘enemies’ are in the United Kingdom and precisely in Scotland, where it has been publicly declared that only ‘Mansio’ will please the national team. Will go.’ Scottish independence newspaper ‘The National Newspaper’, which has dedicated an entire front page to our coach as Braveheart, with his face painted as the Scottish hero, played by Mel Gibson, raised the spirits has shaken. The title is really suggestive and reads like this: “Save us Roberto, you are our only hope”. In the subtitle you can find out the reason for all this sarcasm instead, namely that the Scots could not stand another 55 years of success from the British. “Obviously everything was done in an ironic way, but the Italian flags flying over Scots cities seem to have colonized an entire country, and it is now up to the Azurri to ‘save’ Scotland.”

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