“It’s Coming Rome”, so the Scots celebrate the Azurrich

“It’s Coming to Rome”. The Scottish press celebrated Italy after Wembley night, breathing a sigh of relief at the defeat of English rivals. Scottish independence newspaper ‘The National’, which featured Koch in recent days Roberto Mancini as William WallaceThe ‘braveheart’ Scottish national hero who fought for independence in the 13th century, imitating the English phrase ‘football is coming home’ from these Europeans, around which all of Elizabeth’s subjects dreamed of victory, Title “Football Goes Rome”.

“Their hopes are dashed that football will return home”, the newspaper wrote, noting that Italy “ruined the party at Wembley”. After recovering from a “setback” from Luke Shaw’s opening goal, Azzurri “slowly dominated England and finally lifted the trophy for the first time since 1968” as the minutes passed.

For the British, ‘The National’ continues, in 55 years “there has rarely been a more painful moment” that separates them from their last international trophy, the ’66’ World Cup victory, and “their suffering continues now”. “.

Also referring to the motto ‘The Scotsman’, another Scottish newspaper, ‘football is coming home’, highlights that “football has failed to return home” as England against ‘Italy’ The Euro 2020 final was lost on penalties. “Football had to go home. As is often the case, however, there was an aberration. Sometimes it was the fault of the road work, in this case the penalty”, newspapers praising the performances of Donnarumma, Bonucci and Chiellini. adds up.

The ‘Scottish Sun’ opened its website with video of the Glasgow fan zone “exploding” after Italy’s goal, underlining that “Scots celebrate victory over England” and “the fall of Gareth Southgate’s men”.

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“The delighted Scots greeted Italian fans from their cars as they passed the city centre,” says the ‘Scottish Sun’, which reports that the Scottish flag was on the Italian curve at Wembley, with the words “We’ll Be Back”. The tabloid concluded, “Cheering fans mocked the England national team for the defeat.”


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