Jack Gryllis praises Ashley Cole and Jamie Redknapp after England’s defeat to Belgium

Jack Gryllis praises Ashley Cole and Jamie Redknapp after England's defeat to Belgium

Jack Grillish impressed with his competitive debut (Photo by Dean Mohtropoulos / Getty Images)

Aston Villa captain Jack Grillish came out as a positive after England’s 2-0 defeat to Belgium in the League of Nations.

Yuri Tilleman and Dries Mertens’ goals mean Gareth Southgate’s side will not be able to qualify for the National League final.

The failure of the Three Lions to score means Southgate have conceded just one goal in their last five Nations League fixtures.

However, if there was a positive result for England at night it was the performance of Grillish.

The midfielder’s Southgate treatment has done a lot and he was making his first competitive start for the Three Lions at the age of 25.

In the second half, Gryllish invaded England and Sky Sports pundits Jamie Redknapp and Ashley Cole explained that he must start now.


Grellish was a shining light for England (Picture: Getty)

Asked if there was any positive benefit to be gained from the game, Cole said: ‘Yes, his name is Jack Grillish.

Elaborating on the issue, Redknapp said: “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen England play and I’ve been thinking you’re looking at a certain person where you’re thinking, ‘Please take this ball to him’.

‘I remember one kid thinking how I wanted to see the selection of Gascoigne and John Barnes on the ball, thinking‘ wow, that’s what I want to see ’. Seeing Jack Grillish tonight, I urge England to bring him to the ball as something happens. It was a pleasure to watch.

‘Playing in Kevin de Bryan’s respected company. Grellish was the best player on the long distance on the pitch. He played the game in the second half.

‘He was very confident, and I think the bigger the game, the more we’ll see from Grellish. He was very comfortable tonight and now I want to see him more regularly. This is what people are shouting about.

‘It doesn’t always work when fans are screaming for a player who doesn’t rise to the occasion, but he showed it today what it is. It is a class act. He wins fouls, he shows the skills and how he goes effortlessly past players. It was a pleasure to watch. ‘

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