Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers: Week 10 Live Blog

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Green Bay Packers: Week 10 Live Blog

This Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7) will travel to play Green Bay Packers In the 10th week of the 2020 NFL season and … it’s not going to be beautiful today, folks.

Aaron Rogers? Davante Adams? The position of the blastry on the Lambau area?

As the days go by we blog this game, and feel free to join the conversation in the comments as the day progresses. We will have postgame coverage after the end of the game.

Let’s go!

How to watch

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Live blog

2:21 pm: Aaron Rogers with his first rushing touchdown of the season. The Packers take the lead again.

2:05 pm: Keelan Cole returns with a Ninet-One Yard punt to put the Jaguars in the second quarter. My words.

1:48 pm: LMFOO that flew.

1:33 p.m .: Jacksonville has pushed three pants straight for Aaron Rogers to start the game. Oh no

1:10 pm: The Jaguars … lead the Packers into the first quarter?

1:07 pm: The Jaguars keep the defense packers in three and out. This is the first time this season that Aaron Ron Rogers has not done well at the opening of the ball game.

1:01 pm: Jaguars win the toss and put off. Aaron Rogers begins with the crime.

1:00 pm: No.

11: 30 AM: Jaguars inactivators today include WR Laviska Shenolt, QB Gardner Minshev, RB Divine Ozigo, CB Luke Barku, LB Dakota Allen, DT Doug Costin and OL Brandon Linder.

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11:33 a.m .: Packers inactivators today include QB Jordan Love, CB Kevin King, CB Jere Alexander, DB Will Redmond, LB Jonathan Garvin, WR Darius Shepherd and D.L. Including Billy Winn.

The Green Bay will play without any of their top two cornbacs, but the -l-Pro gives left-hander David Bakhtiari a face-off.

6:05 AM: If Jaguars Going to win (or even cover) will require them to be approved Aaron Rogers As little time as possible on the field. That means clock-controlling drives with heavy doses James Robinson, Throws out in a short time Jack Luton, And a higher percentage of third down conversions. People, I don’t see that today.

6: 06 AM: There’s a bit of injury news to get there and I don’t even have another cup of coffee. Brandon Linder Is out of back injury. Josh Jones The injured are on reserve. Andrew Wingard Is on the active roster. Those are some of the key players and contributors that will be replaced by players with backups and benches. On the road. Against Aaron Rogers. Oops.


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