Jane Fonda urges Dimes to block RBG’s successor, ‘as hard as Mitch McConnell’

Jane Fonda urges Dimes to block RBG's successor, 'as hard as Mitch McConnell'

Jane Fonda Urged Democrats to be “as tough as possible.” Mitch McConnell“And don’t allow Republicans to fill vacancies Supreme Court The back seat of the judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Fonda spoke on “Real Time with Bill Maher” after news broke during the show’s taping that Jensberg had died at the age of 87 after a long battle with cancer.

As political war rages in Jensberg’s place, Fonda urges the left to hold the line after the bitter 2016 war to replace Justice Antonin Scalia after his sudden death.

“I’m still letting go,” Fonda told host Bill Maher. “I just heard that Ruth Bader Ginsberg has died. We have to be as tough as Mitch McConnell and not allow him to do a freakin thing until the election results come out. I mean we have to stand up and not allow him to do that. If Mitch McConnell can do it, let’s get some – some B — and grow the ovaries. “

Super Court Justice Rath Bader Ginsberg has died 87

McConnell appointed then-President Obama’s Merrick Garland in 2001, citing the then-senator’s “Biden rule” of not confirming judges during the 1992 election year, especially when the Senate is controlled by the opposition. . In a statement Friday evening, the Senate majority leader announced his intention to move forward with the confirmation process, even though the November election is just weeks away.

During a “real-time” panel discussion, dispatch writer-at-large Tim Miller predicted that the fight over Ginsberg’s vacant seat would be “really, really ugly” and that McConnell would “jam” the nominee.

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“This is literally the worst case scenario,” Mille said before predicting President Trump would choose Circuit Court Judge Amy Connie Barrett as his candidate.

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After calling Ginsberg “terrible,” Mehr expressed concern about Trump’s presidency.

“As I said before, power produces power,” Maher said. “That’s why you shouldn’t let a guy like Trump become president – because it’s not just about the presidency.”


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