Jogging helps in mental health

Jogging helps in mental health

Forest medicine or forest bathing is a widespread practice not only in Japan, but also in the West. It is also practiced in Italy, starting in Scotland and Canada.

Therapeutic bath in the wild, from Japan to Scotland

Jungle is like a cure without the need of medicine.

It helps Both operators and patients Be more open and chat freely. Being in a forest environment creates a very positive environment for therapy.

They know it well in Japan, where it exists Shirin-yoku’s millennium practice. But they also know it in Scotland, where, under the guidance of Kevin Lafferty, was the head of Forestry Commission ScotlandA type of “Naturopathy” has been successfully proposed for patients with intellectual and relational disabilities since 2007.

Scottish Forest Therapy Program

program, Active in nine counties and developed over 200 courses, it draws on Scotland’s woodland heritage.

It happens Physical exercise, nature walks, But also activities such as bird shelters and wood carving courses.

There are also bonfires and courses Nature photography.

Program develops in Twelve sessions lasted three hours, Once a week.

Each excursion is specially trained and trained by one of the 70 guides to ensure correct support for patients.

During a walk in the jungle, the difference between Cancel participant And we all participate in the performance of various activities together.

The fire is lit with the only use provided by nature, shelters are built, food is sought and you learn to separate foods from inedible foods.

Similarly, patients are encouraged to identify Eradication of vegetation and weeds, In a decidedly more familiar setting than the complex of health facilities.

Forest medicine: a widespread reality, even in Italy

The program is inspired by similar experiences already experienced Canada and Australia, Is also generating success and interest in other European countries.

Forestry Commission Scotland Calculates spending of approximately 50 pounds per patient for each day spent in the wilderness, compared to 70% satisfaction and improvement in mental health of the participants.

Hugh McNish, the Commission’s Program Coordinator, argues that the program’s strength lies in its easily exportable model.

Not only this: According to McNish, courses in nature can benefit the mental health of a large portion of the population.

This benefit also applies to those who suffer from chest dementia, those who suffer from obesity problems, those who are undergoing detoxification programs.

In Italy also, forest medicine centers are the subject of research and activities, In the case of the CNR-CAI initiative O di This association between public and private bodies and universities with centers located in different parts of Italy.

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