Johnson still opposes Scottish independence referendum

Johnson still opposes Scottish independence referendum

(London) British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday confirmed his opposition to a new referendum on Scottish independence, desired by the head of the Scottish Government, who wants Scotland, once independent, to join the European Union.

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“In my experience, referendums in this country are not particularly joyful events,” Boris Johnson told the BBC, referring to the deep split caused by the 2016 Brexit referendum, in which the camp won 52%. Of “holiday”.

In 1975, the British were consulted on the retention of their country in the EEC. Forty years away seems “a nice difference”, Boris Johnson said. For the conservative leader, the referendum should only be allowed “once per generation”.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Saturday that he hoped Scotland would gain independence and be able to “join” the European Union, with Brexit against Stress’s will.

While the British voted 51.9% for Brexit in 2016, the Scots were 62% to leave the European Union.

Mme After losing in his favor in 2014, Sturgeon called for a referendum on Scottish independence, when 55% of Scots said ‘no’ to independence.

“We didn’t want you to join us as an equal partner soon,” said Sturgeon posted the SNP on his Freedom Party website.

In mid-December, 58% of Scots now support an unprecedented break with the United Kingdom, according to the latest survey conducted by the Savita Comos Institute for The Scotsman newspaper.

But the decision for such a referendum lies with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who strongly refuses. Nevertheless, a major SNP victory in local elections next May will increase pressure on London to accept a new consultation.

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