Just two weeks in office: UK cohesion advisor throws in towel – politics

Ridicule and derision from Scotland: British cohesion advisor leaves after two weeks - politics

A British government advisor on the United Kingdom Commission threw in the towel after just two weeks in his new job. Oliver Lewis, who had previously participated in the Brexit campaign, said his role was made “unstable”, as reported by the BBC. Initially, there was no official statement from Downing Street.

Malicious responses from Scotland did not last long after news about the advisor’s departure came from: “Disagreement in the Unity Department. Or maybe desperate to feel how the chase is raging, ”tweeted Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish National Party (SNP) calls for a second referendum on independence from the UK. In 2014, a slim majority of residents rejected a detachment.

However, at the time, Great Britain was still a member of the EU. Sturgeon is now arguing that conditions on Britain’s exit from the European Union changed. In the 2016 Brexit vote, Scotland explicitly voted to remain in the European Union. London rejects a new poll, but most Scots have been in favor of independence for months.

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