Kate and William are not welcome in Scotland: why they created a mini-diplomatic event

Kate and William are not welcome in Scotland: why they created a mini-diplomatic event

A few days ago, Prince William and Kate Middleton disbanded the UK in the Royal Train. But in Scotland, Cambridge came to the brink of disaster.

They avoided the worst. few days back, Kate Middleton and Prince William incarnate Boarded the royal train for the very first time. The Cambridge couple traveled to the United Kingdom for three days to meet His Majesty’s subjects and thanked all those who have been involved since the onset of the coronovirus epidemic. And if their journey went without hitch, However, George’s parents, Charlotte and Louis, tried to avoid an actual diplomatic incident in Scotland.. reason ? The future emperors did not respect sanitary measures. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has indicated that the pair have started the journey despite a ban on travel between England and Scotland. In fact since the end of November, it is forbidden to move between these two countries unless there is an excellent reason… Therefore some voices have been raised above the head, accused of benefiting from privileges.

“The Scottish Government has been advised of their intention to come, and we have ensured that the sanctions in Scotland are known, so that it is taken into account of their decision and travel preparations” The politician was angry. The Scottish Government said the Prime Minister did not try to stop Kate Middleton and Prince William from visiting Scotland., He said that he had mentioned the guidelines in place. “Nicola Sturgeon welcomes support shown by Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for Scotland’s NHS”, Just added a spokesperson. After taking the stand, the Prime Minister was severely criticized by his conservative opponents. “Instead of thanking William and Kate for the work they are doing to boost morale during these difficult times, the Prime Minister appears fearful of Republicans in his party.”, Especially suffers from one of them.

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Boris johnson embarrassed

And when he went to Wales, he received the same reception. On the BBC, the Welsh Health Minister explained that he would prefer “Nobody travels unnecessarily” In this period of epidemic. “Their journey should not be used as an excuse to tell people that they do not understand what they are being asked to do”Von Gaining added. But despite reluctance, Prince William and Kate Middleton were greeted with respect. What pleases the British Government and Boris Johnson. “The Prime Minister is delighted to warmly welcome the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their very important train journey through England, Scotland and Wales.” A few weeks ago explained a spokesperson for the Prime Minister affected by coronovirus. The tour will lift the spirits of those who have been on the front lines and have done much during the epidemic. “

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