Kate and William: This trip to Scotland in defiance of health regulations

Kate and William: This trip to Scotland in defiance of health regulations

According to the Daily Record, this Tuesday, 12 January, Kate Middleton and Prince William ignored Scottish authorities’ warnings, urging them to give up their royal tour of the month of December 2020.

His image is damaged again. Future sovereign of the United Kingdom, Kate Middleton at Le Prince William The task is to set an example, Slightly off the formal route From their Sussex counterparts. But as of this Tuesday, the Scottish tabloid’s 12 January The daily record, Cambridge What they wished. In fact, our partners find that the spouse Scottish authorities ignore warnings, The latter asked him not to continue his royal tour of the month of December 2020. Twice. Parents Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis visited Edinburgh as part For a tour of Great Britain To thank the efforts of health workers in the era of coronovirus. A contradiction In the eyes of many angry politicians Who condemned the visit, Looking at him “Highly irresponsible” And missing “Sympathy.” For others, she was just Environmentally friendly and not expensive.

Worse, Kate Middleton and Prince William had forgotten that, Since 20 November 2020, He is No border crossing Separating England and Scotland for non-essential reasons. the only exception? That is “Traveling for work or providing volunteer or charitable services.” Travel between three and four local authorities is also prohibited in Scotland. November 12, 2020, A month before the royal controversial tourScottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, through his secretary John Somerous, had informed the royal family of these restrictions. not only. A week later, it was James Hund, Chief of Staff, Parliament and Scottish Government to take over the reins of governance. A second attempt, as unsuccessful.

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Kate Middleton and Prince William follow a series of missteps. According to Scottish tabloid The Daily Record, Cambridge ignored the authorities’ warnings, asking them to leave their royal tour of the month of December 2020. Agency / BESTIMAGE

Cambridge in full rebate

They are not in their first attempt. Exemplary behavior During the first months of the health crisis, Kate Middleton and Prince William Showed a jerk release, And at least, with a view to the end of the year’s holiday (and later) Forgot your protective mask During a meeting with Sir David Attenborough, 94). A family deprived of Christmas, Sometimes with Her Majesty Elizabeth II in Sandringham, Sometimes with the parents of the Duchess of CambridgeLove ones present themselves A walk with their three children In Norfolk, Fluttering health restrictions.

To stop the coronavirus epidemic, the British government has banned Private gathering of more than six people. It was therefore careless that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge strolled into the company Sophie of Prince Edward, Wessex, and their two children. a meeting A total of nine people. British executive has banned many house meetings And implemented a national reorganization by mid-February 2021.

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