Kate and William: Why their visit to Scotland is controversial

Kate and William: Why their visit to Scotland is controversial

On Sunday, December 6, 2020, Prince William and Kate Middleton embarked on a three-day official tour to meet frontline activists working during the health crisis. An initiative that is unanimous …

“His Royal Highness wishes to express his sincere thanks and gratitude to the country for all its efforts to keep people safe and make the country work. A few weeks before the holiday season, Prince William and Kate Middleton boarded the Royal train to travel to England, Wales and Scotland, Thanks to the front line workers, teachers and volunteers who worked so hard during the health crisis. If the attitude of George, Charlotte, and Luis’ parents is commendable, fans of the royal family believe that the latter do not set a good example and despite efforts to raise people’s morale. They will indeed be on a “non-essential” journey at the height of the crisis.

On Twitter, Internet users did not fail to give their opinions and listen. We can read: “They don’t really set a good example in the country … we have to stay home to keep our loved ones safe, we can’t see the people we care about and they go to the UK … we In fact, it seems that they are moving their fingers and saying that they can do whatever they want!“; or:”It is classified as non-essential travel during epidemics in very high alert areas. They will travel from level 2 to level 3. “ Angry, a surfer asked: “Most of Scotland consists of Level 4, but obviously both of them can get almost what the average person cannot, why?“Who responded to a tweet:”Because he was fortunate to be born into the royal family and she was lucky to study art history with him.

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Strict measures

Most people in England are under Level 2 sanctions after their second lockdown. Under the restrictions imposed by the government of Boris Johnson, Homes living at levels 2 and 3 – covering 99% of the population in England – are forbidden to see people and have strict controls on hospitality. While Level 3 and restaurants are closed for take-out and delivery, Level 2 pubs can only serve alcohol with “enough” food. Under Scottish rules, Residents are not required to travel between Scotland and the rest of the UK unless they have a reasonable excuse, including work, study or necessary shopping.

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