Kate Garaway gave an update about husband Derek Draper after ‘huge progress’

Kate Garaway gave an update about husband Derek Draper after ‘huge progress’

Good Morning Britain (GMB) and Smooth Radio presenter Kate Garaway shared an update on her husband Derek Draper following the ‘huge success’.

Kate said she feared her husband – who has been in the hospital since March – might have “left” before he uttered the word “pain.”

Derek Draper, 53, was hospitalized with coronavirus and was placed in an induced coma.

What did Kate say?

Gareway, also 53, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain on Monday (November 2) that she was “trying to keep herself in check too much” after giving her husband a glimmer of hope.

“It simply came to our notice then. Yet it is obviously heartbreaking… that it hurts, ”he said.

“It means he is able to connect a sensation that takes place in his body with his brain and shape the word ‘pain’ from his mouth.”

She added: “I think he’s there”, but it’s “a long way from being Derek with his multiple words of so many colors”.

The emotional presenter said the family and hospital staff are always communicating with Draper at the hospital.

“They kept talking to him and he kept saying ‘we’re just going to move your hand… your foot’ … and every time they said ‘let us know if you have any discomfort or pain’.” Medical staff.

“They did this and he was silent on the very clear word (eat) … he made a little noise. Everyone stopped and couldn’t be trusted.

“Afterwards, I was watching and I saw his face again.”

Before the sign of progress, Garev said, “I was scared. I thought, ‘If it’s hard for me, what is it for those trapped there?’

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“I was afraid he would leave.

“And so, it feels like a fight for him. He is able to fight this out of speaking the word ‘pain’.

“But I’m trying to think of it as the first step, it’s this feeling inside him, he’s heard someone say ‘tell us’ and… it’s a sign, I hope, the beginning of the recovery.”

GMB: Pierce exposes her parents to a recently caught coronavirus

Meanwhile, Good Morning Britain co-presenter Pierce Morgan said his parents had recently caught the coronavirus.

“Both of my parents are in their late 70s and they got it from someone from the family bubble two weeks ago, but someone who had to go out and was very sensible but got the virus.

“And then, Bang, it was like Domino’s.

“They ate together and within three days my mom and dad both kept Covid-19. It has been two long weeks for our family.

“It’s long for us because we can’t get in there, but it’s surprisingly long for my parents or anyone who goes through this.”


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