Kate Garaway tells Good Morning Britain about the ‘practical challenges’ of seeing husband Derek on Christmas Day

Kate Garaway tells Good Morning Britain about the 'practical challenges' of seeing husband Derek on Christmas Day

In October, Gareway confirmed that the former lobbyist and political adviser was capable of breathing without a ventilator and silenced his first word. The couple married in 2005 and have a daughter and a son.

The GMB presenter began by asking practical questions about her family’s “practical challenges” to seeing her husband on Christmas day.

“I find it really challenging, I know he’s in a bit of a unique position but he’s not.

“Naturally my dream is for the kids and I somehow see Derek on Christmas Day. The practical challenges with it are that we have to be really safe to be able to visit it and be different. Also, it’s a question of if we’re doing that, can we keep my mom and dad there? “


Mrs Gerave revealed that her children were scared of coronavirus

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He added: “I will try and avoid, if possible only Darcy, Billy and I on Christmas Day because I think this makes Derek’s absence seem huge and the rest of the family’s absence heavy.

“It’s a fairly difficult balance to work with.”

The presenter also revealed that the children were forced to self-isolate until a negative test came, after which he came in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

He said: “There were a few challenges kicking in, there are always challenges with Derek.

“Also, we had a little scare outside of Derek.

“We found that the children came in contact with someone – who came in contact with them – tested positive for coronavirus.”

“To be extremely careful, we kept them at home, at home, until we gave them negative tests,” he said.

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